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Endometrial ablation

Hi all, just had a letter through my consultant has sent to my go. I'm seeing him on Thursday and in the letter it says will discuss the option of endometrial ablation, I have never heard of this before and would be grateful if anyone has any experience of this and if it had worked. Just want to gather info before I see him on Thursday.

Thankyou xxxxx

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Hi, I had this in 2013 to treat heavy periods, what is the reason you need it? I Was Sterilised at the same time as well as having some adhesions and endometriosis removed. It did control my bleeding although wasn't entirely successful for me but apparently it is unusual for it not to work. I'm going to be having a full hysterectomy, soon I hope.

The procedure itself wasn't awful at all, key hole and quick recovery, less painful than I imagined too.

Good luck with it all xxx


Thanks for your reply, I'm not sure why I need it yet, haven't had a lap for 7 years but due to have one as well as a cystoscopy as having terrible bladder issues, seeing consultant Thursday , just hoping for an answer to what they can do, been passed around so much over last 5 years it's only not I have give private someone is listening to me , that my endo is related to my bladder pain and rentention .



hi i had it done nearly 2 years ago, along with endo removed , I haven't had a period since, my periods were awful i was sick every month and in horrendous pain, since the ablation I have no period so not sick or any period pain, for me its been a life changer. I would do it again in an instant. 😄

although endo has returned 😡


I'm having novasure on Friday after my lap & endo treated. Nervous but praying it works. Will let u know how I get on x


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