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Hi ladies,

Just need to whinge a bit! So today is when I start taking my pill again after a weeks break. I've had lots more stomach pain and cramping, pubic area pain, along with the usual pains in lower back, pelvis, hips and legs. He last 2 days I've had my palpitations back quite a lot and yesterday afternoon and evening I had some pains in my chest. I know that it's is probably all down to the ends and adeno the Drs think i have. I have seen a cardiologist and have scans of my heart and a 24 hours monitor and all was perfectly fine, so not worried about it. Big coincidence that I stop taking the pill and then several days later I get these symptoms back. Tmi but blood loss isn't that bad (must be the one only symptom that i don't really suffer with). For the last half hour or so, I've had the sharp pains down below ( kind of reminds me of being pregnant and suffering with spd) but today I've also had shooting pain at the same time up my bottom. Lovely new symptom! Also feeling it since stopping the pill with my bladder being an issue and feeling pressure rather than pain really.

If they don't find endo at least at my lap on the 20th may I will go mad! Do think I have adeno too so be interesting to see what they suggest if they confirm adeno and what stage endo at.

Hoping when I start to retake my pill tonight that the symptoms with calm down to be more manageable. If not I'm going to need to ask for higher level painkillers than cocodamol. Going to op for continuing with the pill rather than mirena. Don't want to risk 6 months of settling or more bleeding when that symptom is actually fine.

Glad it's Friday and my husband will be around at the weekend to help out more.

Hope everyone else is okay today.

Lisa xx

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Hi, I have just 7weeks ago been diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis, I have the shooting pains up my bum, ans a kind of breathless ness not sure how to explain it just feels like everthing is pushing upwards, and downwards at same time, I bet you can't wait to have lap, it's a real worry befor, thinking that they might not find anything, and as much as we don't want endo or adeno, we need to no it's something,

Ive had a hell of a week this week, I'm awaiting a hysterectomy, should be July, I can't bloody wait, ive got 3 children and in 49 this year so it was a no brainer for me, how old are you and do you have children, hysterectomy is the only cure for adeno,

Hope you start to feel a bit better in morning



Thanks Tboag. I have constant pain but it's not hit the level yet were I need to take lots of high dose painkillers but as it's steadily getting worse it won't be long till I'm going to be in that position. It's like 5 years of daily lower back or pelvic area pains. Some was Spd and some pregnancy and I though since having my youngest that it was all related to that but maybe my has been the endo all along. Although seeing a chiropractor did help but no longer. I'm just tired of all these symptoms now.

I do want them to find it as then I can look at treatment and painkillers rather than it just being in my head!

I'm nearly 39 and I have 3 children who are 10, 7 and 4. We don't want anymore children so no need preserve my fertility, so like you a hysterectomy is a no brainer. If they do confirm adeno and my consultant said I felt all lumpy when he did the internal and he then mentioned adeno, so guessing I probably do. I've told my husband that the only cure is a hysterectomy if it's adeno too, but don't think he's really grasped the situation. Tbh I don't think he really gets how much help I'm going to need after the lap and how much he's going to have to do and even take more time off than planned. I have told him I could well need help for a week. He did ask me at the weekend if it's local or general anaesthetic! He's very busy at work and don't think some of it has sunk in.

Back from the school run now, so going to get into my tracksuit trousers, make a cuppa and sit with my heat pad for 30 mins and see if I can feel a little better.

Thanks for replying as helps talking to someone in the same situation.



Ive just added 10 years lol, I'm 40 this year, not 49


Hi lisa hope you are feeling better soon, I was diagnosed 15 years ago with endo, makes me laught how docs have little orno uunderstanding of this deasease and symptoms hope you get the results your looking for, have a lovely, try to have a lovely weekend x


Thanks ladies. Didn't end up sitting with the heat pad but it shall be on when I go to bed tonight. Can feel my stomach pains starting again so will probably take cocodamol when I go to bed and make sure I have some nearby for during the night incase.

So glad it's only a short while till my op and then I will hopefully get some treatment and answers.

Start taking my pill again tonight so be interesting to see how the various pains, particularly the stomach, pubic area pains, along with palpitations and pains in chest go once I'm retaking it.

Hope everyone is okay tonight xx


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