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Hello, my name is tracey im 39 with 3 sons, 10 13 15, year, I hope you don't mind me messaging you, ive been suffering with bad periods for years, and had back aches off and on for years too, these pains where traveling round to the front area on pelvis and hips and until lately ive always thought it to be regarding my back, over the last few years the pelvic pain and hip aches become more regular until September last year they are pretty much constant, I ended up in hospital in sep, and they found a kidney stone, doc where convinced my pain had nothing to do with the stone but wasn't willing to investigate further until I had passed the stone, which I did after lithotripsy treatment, the pains calm down somewhat but have never gone, now daily some days better than other,

anyway ive now seen a gyne doc who specialises in endo adeno and laparoscopy, but he is not on this list I keep reading about on this site, he has assured me he is a very experienced surgeon,

my lap is on 21st of march, he will use excision not laser, as in his words no one should be having their endo lasered now, as it is a proven fact that excision is the way forward.

I think I just wanted some reassurance from others as well as my surgeon.

thank you for reading

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  • What area do you live in and what's the consultants name?

    He is certainly saying the right things as excision is the way forward. X

  • Hi Tracey, so your surgeon isn't an endo specialist? Who referred you to him? My consultant is on the list my last consultant referred me to him as my endo/adenmyosis is so severe. Is there a endo specialist you could be referred to?? Xx

  • hi Victoria, he specialises in endo and adeno and laps but is not on the bsge list, as the hospital is not a endo centre, I was referred to him after my gp thinking I could be an endo sufferer

  • Hi Tracey, he sounds like my last consultant,who was lovely wish I was still seeing him,really made me feel I was in safe hands and listen to me! I hope it all goes well for you xx

  • Could he be on the list of provisional centres on the BSGE website? That might explain why he knows what he's talking about. It does sound reassuring that he knows the difference with excision though :)

  • I've looked on there, and no he isn't, he is however a private doctor that operates purely on endo and adeno patients, so, I've decided that he has my full confidence, on the list or not,

    Thanks all.

    To be honest as much as I like this site, just think keep reading posts about this bloody list has got me all worked up, I've spoken to his secretary and she has assured me that he has performed numerous cases from mild two dot removals to strange 4 bowel and bladder involved cases,

  • Not sure if I'm allowed to ask this but is he based in Birmingham? I think i know who it could be and i can reassure you x

  • No I'm in essex, but thank you,

  • I live in Essex and headed northwards to a county above Essex for my surgery. I was operated on by an endo specialist, but the hospital was not on the list of specialist centres when I last checked. It does, however, have a specialist nurse.

    I was happy with my surgeon, although he has not managed to fix all my problems. He had a good bedside manner and was far better than the other man I saw (he left before my operation) - he also excised the endo whereas the previous consultant had wanted to laser it.

    If you think it might be the same hospital/surgeon feel free to PM me and I can confirm.

  • Thank you, I don't think its the same,

  • You will find general gynaes who are experienced with endo and know what they are doing. You just have to use your judgement. Depending on the post, I will generally recommend someone from "the list" but I often caveat it by saying that some general gynaes can be quite good and likewise there are a few endo specialists whom I believe are not great.

    If you are a general gynae in a populous area you will could possibly deal with a lot of endo but you might not want to bother getting on that list and deal almost exclusively with endo. Or as another poster said he might be on the provisional list. This surgeon of yours sounds like you could give him the benefit of the doubt as he is making the right noises!

    One of the main drivers for the endo centres is that in addition to endo specialists there are named colorectal and urological surgeons on the team to enable them to deal with the complex cases. In the event that your surgeon discovers bowel and/or bladder involvement then the best course of action would be to refer you on to an endo centre on the list. Your situation won't necessarily be known until your lap.

    Just one thing, have you had an MRI? This can sometimes (but not always) show that the bowel and/ or bladder is involved.

  • Thank you, and no I havnt had Mir, everything but, can't wait to get my lap other with now, 2 weeks Togo.

  • Hi - what you need to do is put his name followed by gynaecologist and google him. You should then get his professional profile come up. It will show his special interests which obviously should say endometriosis but then see what his professional memberships are and whether he is a member of gynaecolgy and/or endoscopy societies. It should also say whether he has laparoscopic training/experience. Basically a specialist will be doing endo laparoscopy a lot of the time which is how they become experienced. You could ask how often he does lap surgery for complex endo. If all this checks out you should be fine with your man and what matters is that you feel happy with his ability.

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