Endo and pmdd

Evening everyone I was wondering if anyone experiences pmdd extreme pmt with there endo. Every month when I'm due on I get really emotional and bad anxiety lasts about 10 days. I also had a lapscopy 3 months ago and the pain is back to how is was they found endo in my pelvis and also endometrial noodles which seem to be causing like a nerve pain down my leg. I'm also taking the pill back to back so I don't have a period but still getting all these pains. Any advise would be great thankyou :)

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  • Hi sarah

    I suffer with this also, I have tears and anxiety for about 7-10 days prior to period. I am yet to have lacoscopy had a ct scan 3weeks ago and they have told me its endo I've been in horrendous pain for over four weeks tramadol, diclofenic, paracetomal and diazepam which was prescribed for the serve leg pain the only way I could describe it was I felt like my cyst had grown and was pressing on my sciatic nerve. I feel your pain Hun it's awful my other half is no help what so ever an makes my anxiety worse. I'm also on the pill back to back as from today. For the anxiety Hun is there anything you enjoy doing? Eg read a book, candy crush, or simply just a good movie if so I find this helps me it lets me switch off for a wee while at least write everything how you feel down no matter how big or little it is and it will release it from you mind instead of over thinking it over and over as I normally do this works for me. It's difficult to switch off Hun though so if taking helps talk away I find helping others can help me xxxx

  • Insensitive partner here too, all I get is 'awlrighttt? CBA!!

  • I've been unable to do very much this last four weeks for the constant pain though still I have to cook clean and organise everything, I ordered shopping online to where he only had to collect it he came in I'm shattered I've been running about like an idiot eh hello Asda have packed the shopping and placed in in the boot and I've unpacked it 😡

  • Men!! Different story when they neeeeeeed a lemsip!

  • Sure is Hun he's was off work for 11 months had 5 operations and I was there for every one of them and cooked cleaned worked visited twice a day and looked after my 10 year old and my 4 year old dog and this last four weeks he's been useless 😡 lol xxxx

  • Thankyou for the reply Im deffinalty going to get myself a book tomorrow and writing down how I feel seems a good idea. You have described the leg pain perfectly deffinalty feels somethings sitting on a nerve. I have a 4yr old shes a great help with keeping my mind busy. What us women have to go through men get it so easy I am lucky my bf has been amazing so far. Best of luck with your laproscopy let's hope that helps you with your pain xx

  • Glad to be of some help Hun, I have a 10 year old so he keeps me busy too though do you find when your 4 year old goes to bed you mind starts to go into overdrive. Also if you find it difficult to sleep whatever it may be that is on your mind write it down no matter how big of small and in the morning you can read over it, though doing it at bed time too helps you switch of and let's you get a sleep Hun xxxxx

  • Anxiety really bad at times. Can't concentrate so taking my mind of it isn't easy. It has caused a lot of problems and I would say that endless aches and pains would get anyone down!

  • Try a relaxing cd I was referred to a cbt Cognitive Behavioural Therapy specialist and he was great speaking about it with a complete stranger really helped I know councillor appointments can have lengthy wait times though might me worth getting a referal from your Gp. XXXX

  • Hello thankyou for your reply I had over the phone app for the cbt and since having that I have found im coping better sometimes it can be so tiering when knowing every month its going to happen it's nice to know I'm not alone but us women shouldn't have to suffer xxuu

  • No we Defo shouldn't have to suffer Hun, glad you found it helped maybe an idea to have a few more as I had 6-8 sessions and have learned to cope with it that was until this pain as been constant for four weeks have found it hard though this site has helped me so much xxxx

  • This site is amazing help I've got a doctors app tomorrow so I'll deffinalty have a chat with him to refer me again :) I hope your pain soon eases for you xx

  • Thanks very much good luck for tomorrow appointment xxxx

  • Thanks hun xx

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