Chest pains

Hello ladies,

Sorry for being a downer again but today I started up with chest pains. Stabbing squeezing almost like an anxiety attack chest pains. Now this has happened before and my a and e trip concluded I had reflux most likely due to pain killers. So today I have gone to the gp. She seemed more concerned about who my normal gp is (I never see the same one twice) and caused a lot of pain when examining my chest and abdo. Have walked away with a prescription for omeprazole and advice to basically not eat fruit, spicy food or tomatoes, so on top of me trying the endo diet I'm a little gutted and to be quite frank unlikely to stick to all this.

To top it all off my fiance is in a right foul mood because he's frustrated and there isn't a magic pill to fix all this. I understand where he's coming from and feel guilty for putting him through this but at the same time I want to scream at him that at least he only has the frustration. I get the pain and the depression and the rest of it. I really don't know what to do about this and my relationship. I feel like endo is tearing me apart in so many ways and when I try to be stronger than it it just rips a little more.

Glad iv written it down though. I have no idea how rotten I'd feel without this site


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  • Oh you poor thing, it really is difficult to deal with isn't if, I think men get frustrated with everything as they believe they are supposed to look after and protect you, and the fact that there is little they can do is upsetting, but that's no excuse for being unsupportive, saying that it is stressful for all involved, are you under a bsge centre,? And what have you had done treatment wise, ???

  • I am seeing the gyne team but not under a bsge centre. At the minute they just said to take my pill back to back. Review in a few weeks. Thanks for the reply. This place is so good for just getting it off your chest and getting a bit of support from people who understand 

  • Where have they found your endo, and havnt you had any removed

  • 'small spot' on my pelvic wall. They said they removed adhesions. It was done when they thought it was my appendix so there was no follow up. Getting a lot of lower back and pain in my hip and leg so wondering if they missed some or if it's come back and spread

  • Go back to your GP and ask for a refferal to a bsge centre, back hip and leg pain are signs of endo, so have a look at a lady called Lindle, she has wrote some fab posts, please please make sure you get the correct treatment.

  • I agree with Tboag, it sounds like endo has been missed. General gynaecologists only really look at uterus, ovaries etc. Endo is often found behind uterus where they don't look and its that endo that can cause back, hip and leg pain. Please look at Lindle's posts on how to find a specialist. Good luck.

  • Thank you ladies. Iv seen lindles post. They are fab. There's a bsge centre in the same hospital I'm being seen under so I think I will try to get transferred over to them 

  • Hi hun I too have been having chest pains since before Xmas I went to a and e in Jan and was fobbed off with heartburn etc. I have now noticed a  pattern to it and it comes just before my period.  I got discharged from my normal hospital last year after getting frustrated with not getting help advise after suffering with endo and ando for years. I went to my gp on weds and am in process of being referred to a bsge centre. My gp is worried endo may have spread. Hope u get some answers soon xx

  • Thanks for replying. I'm worried the endo has spread too. Seeing the gynecologist in a few weeks so gonna make sure I'm not fobbed off xx

  • Hey lovely, broke my heart reading your post. I've just had my first lap, which was to test for endo although i don't think they found any, but have been back and forth to hospital with the same type of severe chest pain you've been getting. So I understand how annoying it is just being given omeprazole. 

    I can't say much to help but I know how important it is to feel that someone IS listening to what you're saying, so just know we're all here for you. I'm sure your partner is too, he's probably just as frustrated that you're having to go through this horrible saga on top of being fobbed off by the medical professionals. 

    Take care xx

  • Thank you so much. Really means a lot hearing from other people. My other half's moving offices today so he's sat me at his desk where he can keep an eye on me and not letting me do anything. He can be amazing most of the time but he needs to vent too.

    Hope your get to the bottom of your pain.

    Thank you so much for your reply xx

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