first laparoscopy do they give you pain relief to go home with?

I've got my first ever lap next week for suspect endo and am really nervous. Does anyone know if the hospital will give you enough pain meds for the recovery week(s) or do I need to go to the Drs beforehand to get some? Sorry if this sounds dumb, but should I ask for stronger pain meds than I usually use for endo (I have pain everyday, but extreme during periods - but I need to take Tramadol (fast acting) nearly every day).


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They gave me the good stuff (think it was cocodamol) on discharge and to be fair I only took it for a day. Was fine with paracetamol after that. I am sure they gave me tonnes of paracetamol too. I think you only need to go to gp if you run out or its not working. Hope that helps x

Thanks for that! Good to know that they give you stuff to go home with:) Unfortunately I find ibuprofen, panadol and codeine no longer work for my day to day pain (but hopefully it'll work after the Sx :)

I am so sorry to hear. I used to have to take everything under the sun to get through the pain too. I used to find tranexamic acid helped better than mefenamic acid. Things have improved a lot since the op. Fingers crossed for you too x

Yes, they will. I was sent home with ibuprofen and paracetamol after my first lap though could have done with something stronger TBH. If they give you opiates like cocodamol or dihydrocodeine then you can ask for anti sickness as well (ondanzetron). You can talk this through with the anaethetist when you see them before the surgery if you've got concerns.

Thanks Joreilly - I've just found out the same thing after my op - the nurses tried to send me home on nothing but the pain is extreme so i stayed overnight - I was still in pain even with all the meds they gave me:(

When I had my lap, I was given paracetamol and ibuprofen home with me. I took the maximum doseage of each everyday but still found I was in pain so I swapped the paracetamol for my Cocodamol that was in the house. It unfortunately doesn't do anything for me anymore as I take it so often. Bare in mind that you can't strain when your at the loo so if you take anything that's known to constipate you that it's worth taking something to help you go too, i.e. fresh orange juice.

I really hope you manage to find some relief from this, I'm due a second lap (less than a year after my last) as I'm in daily agony, I end up in a&e quite a bit and don't work from the pain. I'm hoping my second lap makes me better, anything would be better than this pain, especially during my period.

Hope you get the relief you need, xxx

I really hope the second lap works for you! I'm also in pain every day, and find it impossible to skip periods on the pill (I can't stop the bleeding no matter what :( ) si I hope surgery will help.

I take fast acting tramadol 50mg to 150mg for the pain, as I find nothing OTC works anymore either.

Thanks for your help :)

Hi. I was given 30mg cocodomol. The shop bought Ones are only 8mg. Also, buy some Colpermin for the gas pain after. Good luck! X

Thanks for the heads-up - I'll grab some before the Sx!

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