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Agnus Castus


I had my lap in October & had patches of endo removed. My housemate is a bit of a natural remedy enthusiast & I went to a local health shop with her, spoke to a helpful assistant who suggested taking Agnus Castus capsules; I have been for 2 months now & aching endo pain has completely dissapeared. People obviously react to treatments differently & I don't want to promise a miracle cure for discomfort; but it's helped me tremendously.. I'd recommend giving it go! As agnus castus balances hormone levels, it's not recommend to take whilst taking the contraceptive pill! X

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Hi, I haven't yet been diagnosed but waiting for my appointment. Was it the period pains that have gotten better or pelvic pain/back ache? I thought it might be worth me giving this a try until my appointment. Xx


Yes I take it also called vitex ...in tincture form good stuff! If your into alt methods acupuncture and trade Chinese medicine!


Thanks for posting hun. I'm try a natural approaching at the moment to see if it reduces my pain.

I'm eating really healthy and all my meat eggs and milk is organic as there is a link to the to chemicals and pesticides in these that feeds oestrogen that makes endo grow.

I am also taking supplements and though it hasn't been long only few weeks I am seeing more good days than have been prior to the change.

Thanks again

Jo xx


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