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Bladder issues

Usually my morning wee towards the end hurts my bladder which I'm used to but lately as my ovary pain has got worse.. I feel like I'm not finishing my wee properly then if I stay a little longer I will wee a bit more I'm constantly needing a wee is this normal?... Also after a long busy day my ovaries can be so so so painful and throbbing is this normal xxx

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Hi I have similar bladder symptoms, In my case I wee constantly, get a big urge to wee, sometimes only a bit comes out, but my bladder doesn't feel empty so within 20 mins off to the loo i go and so on.

I was treated for an overactive bladder but the tablets prescribed didn't work so was referred to a urologist, had a cystoscopy and he found I may have a narrowing of my urethra,so can't fully empty my bladder so it is constantly giving me the urge to wee. I'm waiting for a procedure to sort it out.

Now, I've read online the bladder thing can be related to endometriosis sometimes, so my advice would be to speak to your gp or gynaecologist & ask for a referral to urology, just to be checked out properly.

With regards to ovary pain, I find mine flares up more on an evening/bedtime so need more pain meds then, I have no idea why so might ask my consultant when I see her.

Sorry for the epic reply & I hope some of it is useful to you. Hope you get sorted out


I'm like that too :(

I do a wee then have to go again a very soon after.

If I do too much during the day once I'm sitting down in the evening my left ovary where I've a chocolate cyst throbs

Are you due to see your consultant soon? x


Hi sorry for the late reply. I was taken into hospital with pain so I had my procedure done. Since then my consultant has found my bladder is inflamed & raw on the wall. I have been prescribed 2x tablets for urge & waiting for another procedure to sort the inflammation.

In the meantime my gynae consultant & urologist are getting together to see if it could be down to endo as I have severe ovary pain as well. I'm seeing gynae on 28th July.

How are you doing now? I hope the symptoms have calmed down for you

best of luck x


Heyyy I have a diagnostic laparoscopy in 2 weeks and a pre op this week but things are getting worse and more painful each day my left ovary throbs after a long day and sometimes my right one joined with pelvic pain :( xxx


Have you heard of Interstitial Cystitis? It may be worth doing some research into it. Good luck x

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