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False Negative Laparoscopy?


Thank you so much for reading.

I am at a loss about what to do now. Every day I have had a period and severe abdominal pains such that i cannot walk, and have to take morphine all day since November (Yes I do . I have been admitted to hospital on 3 occasions, with each time it being decided that there is nothing wrong with me. However to me it feels like I have an awful lot wrong, since I have been completely debilitated by this.

I convinced the doctors to do a laparoscopy on me, and they found multiple adhesions however no Endometriosis or anything else. They removed the adhesions, however after 1 week the severe pain is back, as well as constant periods. It has now been a month, with a subsequent hospital admission and still the doctors have found nothing wrong with me and I cannot carry on like this.

The gastroenterologists also believe I have nothing wrong with my bowels, though occasionally I do find them a bit of an issue.

Please, does anyone have any ideas for what I can do.

Could they have not spotted a gynaecological issue that I do have? Such as endometriosis? or Adenomyosis?

I cannot carry on with this.

Thank you, Liz

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Is your hospital a specialist endometriosis centre?


Microscopic endo will still cause such pains. It is entirely possible to have endo and for them not to see it. I take it you have tried the normal routes of several kinds of birth control, and possibly the menopause shots to try and stop the pain? My first lap was done and they found nothing, so my doctor was keen to get rid of me. She said 'well, I found nothing to show that you are having pain.' Fast forward 5 years, I was diagnosed with stage 3 endo. Now mind you, the pain never went away and it was always in the same areas as before. I personally believe it was just too tiny to be seen with the naked eye.


I was told no endo by a general gynae at 30 years old. Fast forward 18 years and I've just had stage 4 removed, so I totally agree, for lots of reasons it can be missed. Fortunately I had 2 children during this time with no problems at all conceiving, carrying to term, but I would say make sure you're consulting with a true specialist. Check Lindle's list for members. And be persistent - I wish I hadn't wasted 18 years being fobbed off!


Can they give you something to stop the bleeding - like tranexamic acid?

Have you been investigated for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (though that wouldn't explain the bleeding I don't think).

What were the adhesions caused by? Did you have previous surgery to your abdomen that caused them?

Did you get seen by an endometriosis specialist or a general gynaecologist?


I did see a specialist unfortunately so everybody thinks I should trust their word, I just do not feel well gynaecologically at all though.

Have tried tranexamic acid yes and it does help but only mildly.

I shall so about pelvic congestion syndrome as well.

I have had no previous operations no so I find it very concerning what it could be.

I also do want to try menopause shots cause all pills and the mirena seem to be doing nothing.

Thankyou so much for replying and your help, I really hope you are all feeling okay.


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