Ivf clinic rejected me, feeling sad

I recently had laproscopy for endo and referred to IVF. All other blood tests are fine and i am 34 now with normal bmi. today I got news from my gyne consultant, the ivf clinic has rejected me.not yet got any definite answer.

Any one faced similar suitation and any thoughts would be very helpful.

I am feeling sad and very depressed. Don't know what to do next, I was waiting for this for a month now.

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  • Hi - what did the laparoscopy show regarding endo on your reproductive organs?

  • I had sever endo and it was cleared. Tubes are fine.

  • Then they have to tell you why. Have you phoned the consultant's secretary to find out so we can check that they are using the proper rules.

  • Oh no. Thats awfull. Push for reasons and a 2nd opinion if need be. Try and stay possitive. Xxx

  • Hi Mini06 my name is George Hawurek I myself of course did not face with such sad circumstances but I know a lot of people who were. At our EggDonationFriends.com website we sometimes have inquires from women in a situation like yours. It happens pretty often but some women tried different clinics and different doctors and they had a different opinion, they done IVF and sometimes it really worked so don't lose hope yet! You can go to our website and ask me any questions I will try to help you the best way I can. Best regards! - George Hawurek

  • I have not yet received any news about my rejection. I have asked them to refer to different ivf clinic and will do follow with new one. I don want to waste time waiting for reason and not sure what happen with that clinic again.

  • Oh ok. Well If the different clinic won't go through either then we could try to help you find a clinic that will. Cheers

  • Oh an by the way, you don't have to wait for the clinics response, our specialists find clinics for patients completely free so we can already make the search for you and even if later you don't need our help then no worries! anyway I hope everything will be ok with the second clinic ;)

  • Thanks for the support. I did speak to my second cilinic and told my suitation. They said that they will find the quickest appointment for me soon and book me in.

  • Great. I wish you the best! Cheers :)

  • Have you got an answer as to why yet?

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