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Wanting ivf and overweight

Last year me and my partner were told we were entitled to ivf if I lost a certain amount of weight. This was before my diagnosis. Now that I have been diagnosed, will I be entitled to ivf at my current weight (still overweight) I have been loosing weight but very slowly. Now that they believe the endo is preventing me from having kids will they give me ivf? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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This is something your would need to check with your local health authority, as different regions have differing criteria, but I would very much doubt that it makes any difference as the need to lose weight would be necessary regardless of the reasons why you need assisted reproduction.

chances of conception are slim anyway, and being overweight reduces your chances of success, so the advice to lose weight is sound advice to give you the very best chance possible of succeeding. It is something that you have control over. A lot of things like where your endo is growing and what damage it causes is not something you can control, but eating more calories than your body actually needs, or eating the wrong types of food are entirely down to you to manage.

Being overweight is detrimental to endo too, having excess tummy fat will mean you have a much larger capacity for your own body to produce excess oestrogen and store it too. This is something that can happen in tummy fat. Not thigh or bum fat but tummy fat. And your endo lurves oestrogen, it is the hormone that feeds endo.

Have a look online for the PCOs and Endo diets, there is a lot of info available about which foods and drinks are safe and which to avoid. Good Luck.


I had to get my bmi down to below 30 to get IVF. I'm in NI.

I had 'only' been diagnosed with PCOS at that time and it was in the best interests all round to get the weight off, my bmi was around 34

The waiting list was a year long at that time but I started on the healthy lifestyle change about 6 months before that when on Clomid (horrible stuff IMO!) I got my bmi down to 28 in time for our IVF round.

No diet fads or anything just healthy eating and gym 4 times a week.

I follow the endo 'diet' now but I hate the diet word as it IS a lifestyle change and you'll feel much better for it :)

Good luck and take the waiting time now to prepare for the IVF round xx


I'm in Glasgow and they wont put u on IVF list unless your bmi is below 30. Waiting times for appointment is 1 year. Once you put ur mind to it and its for the family you so badly want u will do it no problem x


I have to get my BMI down to 30 to get fertility treatment. They never said anything about a waiting list, but I'm hoping my file stays open in gyne & they don't discharge me as don't want to go through all the waiting for appts etc x


Hi, maybe you need to try a private IVF? IVF abroad is not so expensive.


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