IVF, Denial, please help me

Just had follow up from my TPPE surgery. Got told we will need IVF for children. Got like a maybe 2% chance of natural. I don't know what to feel, to do. I'm so disillusioned that I believe when I try I will get pregnant straight away with a problem free pregnancy. I'm in denial,,someone help me what to do to get past this please. Sorry xx I'm only 26, we can't afford IVF now I'm just lost sorry

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  • I do feel for you Have they mentioned any other treatments that can help boost fertility ??

  • Thank you for replying. Not yet, I went private for my surgery so I'll go to my GP now to see where to begin xx

  • Have you looked in to health insurance that could help cover the costs of the IVF even though I strongly believe it should be free for women with Edometriosis because just knowing what your going through with what your gp as told you is worrying and upsetting Alls I want to say is that your not alone hunnie and you should speak to someone who is close or speak to a nurse or gp that you trust you can also speak to the helpline on edometriosis uk website to raise your concerns and worry I do feel for you and I hope that you can get the help you need to achieve what you want my prayers are with you

  • Thank you for your reply. A fellow friend with endo and fertility problems is coming to see me next week, which will hopefully help! I will go to my GP now and ask where I go from here, thank you xx

  • Let me know how everything goes I hope you get the treatment you need good luck

  • Earliest appointment 3rd June :( thank you for your help I really do appreciate it xx

  • I know the feeling of waiting long for appointments you can always ask them if they can move the appointment closer sometimes they will worth trying cause that's a long wait 3rd of June is no problem hunnie xx

  • You can ask to be referred to the fertility clinics in the UK. A lot of CCG will fund 1 round of IVF. Unless you or your partner have a child. The Infertility network here on health unlocked is very good. Forms you can petition your area if they say no, etc are there.

    I know it sounds daunting saving for IVF. We had a disastrous first round. We saved up ourselves. It wasn't easy and it took a few years to save for the rounds. You'd be surprised how quickly it can all add up.

  • Thank you for your reply. I shall go have a lurk on the fertility board here! I didn't know that about CCG, thank you I will look into it. we already had a wedding fund started so we shall break into that to begin with haha. Thank you, I hope you are doing well as well! Xx

  • Everyone with fertility issues can apply for IVF on the NHS. Each NHS trust has slightly different parameters, you should check your local NHS trust website to see what the qualifying factors are. My local NHS stipulates a time period of TTC, bmi and history of gynae conditions for example.

    Good luck! xx

  • Thank you for your reply! I shall look at the website today, thank you xx

  • can you not get help on the NHS? I have been to see a gyni myself through my GP and was told if needed they will refer me to IVF and I will be able to have to goes of it for free. If they don't work, that is when you have to pay for the IVF so maybe speak to your GP. I work full time too by the way I don't claim benefits. xx

  • I have an appointment on 3rd June to see where to go from here. That's good to know, neither of us claim anything and he works full time at the minute. I can't wait to go back to work! Thank you, hope it all goes well for you! Xx

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