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Bowel resection advice please

4 weeks ago I had laparoscopic total hysterectomy and bowel resection. I have been told that the endo had caused a stricture in my bowel so it was good that I had surgery when I did. I feel so much better than I did as far as the endo is concerned and HRT is suiting me well but I am really struggling with my bowel. I am taking regular stool softener and gentle laxatives alonv with good diet/ plenty water etc but my bowel is so sluggish and causing me quite a lot of discomfort when it is full. Has anyone experienced the same or got any ideas how long this may last. I am due back to work on Tuesday and a little worried

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Hi Tracy I'm pleased that you are feeling much better. I know what you mean about the bowel issue. Are you stil on pain relief too? I had a lap on Tuesday and still haven't had a bowel movement and like you trying to help things along using actual methods. My sister is a nurse and she recommends syrup a fig. Hope it helps Hun. Take care Julie. X


Hi Julie

Im not on pain relief anymore just occasional paracetamol. Im eating dried prunes as a snack to assist too its so annoying because its affecting how I feel. I hope you are recovering well from your lap. Tx


Hi I have had similar problem, I have found shredded wheat bite size 1-2 per day very helpful


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