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I had/have severe endo which required me to have surgery to remove adhesions including ones which stuck my bowel and uterus together.

Unfortunately, I am now waiting for further surgery which will include a bowel resection. I just wanted to know any one else's experience of this surgery? I have a 2 year old so I am really worried about the recovery time. Any advice?

Thanks :)

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  • Hi, I had bowel resection done in 2009, I had open surgery and I was told it will be 6 weeks recovery, but it took me a year to recover from that operation. My 3 children were young when I had it, and it was very difficult for me to stay in bed and rest, my mum came to help cook meals, while my hubby and kids did what housework they could. 

    I was in hospital for 6 weeks and then a month later I was back in hospital for 2 weeks due to pains and infections.

    I'm sure you won't have any problems like I did. But since my bowel resection op I was diagnosed with celiac disease as my bowels were damaged and become sensitive to certain foods.


  • Hi, thanks for your reply. They  are hoping to do mine keyhole so hopefully the recovery will be quicker. It must have been incredibly difficult with 3 children, I am panicking about my one. 

    Thanks. I am sorry to hear that. I know there are risks but I literally can not put up with the pain any longer. It is destroying my life. It was a hard decision to make but they have tried to shave it etc with no relief. 

    I already have a damaged bowel, IBS and food allergies so I am literally hoping things can't get any worse.

    D :)

  • I'm due to have similar surgery, I was told long recovery and big surgery, not very helpful I know, perhaps you could put your own mind at ease and have everything in place before hand, going in to the op it can only be a good thing to know the kids are sorted, meals are sorted, and there's someone only a call away should you need them xx

  • You poor thing. 

    I'm due to have a laparoscopy to remove severe endo and adhesions, and my bowel is involved, so I will have a bowel surgeon present. But I've asked them to go easy on my bowel to avoid a resection.

    Can you tell me why they decided you needed a further operation for a resection? Is it because they found so much adhesions that they have to deal with it? I'm wondering whether they'll decide the same for me, I'm hoping not!

    Good luck with your op x

  • Thanks for the reply. I had a bowel surgeon at my last surgery as they knew there was bowel involvement. They shaved my bowel to remove some of the disease. However, my endo has damaged the bowel and it is scarred. Due to how deep it has penetrated they cannot remove the it without a resection.

    Before my last surgery (which took over 5 hours) they had advised me that they would not resect my bowel. They said they would try to be conservative and see if that improved my symptoms first as it was a massive step for someone my age. There was also a lot of adhesions and scar tissue which they dealt with. Unfortunately, only shaving the bowel hasn't helped matters and I cannot control my symptoms effectively with any other treatments.

    Good luck with yours too. I know it is not a nice prospect to be facing.

    D x

  • That's exactly the same as what they have told me - my surgery is supposed to be 5 hours, and they're going to try to be as conservative as possible. I have bowel symptoms, but they're not bad enough for me to want to go through further surgery. I guess you must have pretty bad symptoms?

    Poor you having to go through it all again, I hope it brings you lots of relief and it's worth it. Hopefully someone will come along who can share their experiences of this surgery. 

    Good luck

  • My bowel symptoms are bad, but it is just the general pain which I can't put up with. I suffer with chronic back and pelvic pain. When I am on my period I can only liken it to being in labour. I am in pain every day and it is worsening each month. I feel like further surgery was my only option. 

    Thanks, I hope your surgery goes well and the are able to sort it out. As it sounds like you are going to go through a similar op feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    Good luck

    D x

  • Hi

    I too have stage 4 endo and a 2 year old. I am currently waiting for surgery to remove adhesions and at the same time have a bowel resection. I have been told I'll have a stoma for 3-6 months. My consultant said the recovery time from the initial surgery will be 4-6 weeks. I'd love to know more about this type of surgery. 

    Have you been given any info by your consultant? I have been told I'll get to speak to the bowel surgeon beforehand so I hope they will be able to answer any questions. From what I have read the bowel prep is quite hard and it takes a while to get everything back to normal. 

    Good luck with your surgery x

  • Hi, yes I have met with my surgeons a few times. My bowel surgeon is hoping to avoid a stoma, although, I have seen the nurse just in case it is necessary. I assume you are having quite a large resection if that is the case?

    The haven't really give me an estimate of recovery, other than 6-8 weeks off work. I think four weeks is hopeful, I was off for 6/7 weeks after my last op and it took me a few months to fully recover.

    They have basically said I need a resection and they will see what else needs doing whilst they are there. I have already had surgery to remove endo/adhesions. 

    Good luck with yours too :) 

    D x

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