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Sign off after Lap no 2


I am undergoing my second laparoscopy for my endometriosis in a week. Whilst I'm under i will also be having a cystoscopy as i have bladder irritations too.

For my last op i was signed off for 2 weeks however my friend who underwent the same surgery with the same consultant was signed off for 3.

I'm not someone who recovers well from anaesthetic or operations so not sure how long i will be off work for. I have told them 3 as worst case scenario.

Is this done on an individual basis or is there a set of guidelines?


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You can be signed off for as long as you need to. In my area the hospital usually only give 2 weeks and ask you to contact GP if you need more time off.

I had a diagnostic lap, cystoscopy and dye test last year and needed four weeks off. The last week was mainly because I came down with a couple of infections.

I'm surprised you only needed 2 weeks off from your first lap, 4 weeks is the shortest time I've had off due to a lap and like you it takes me a while to recover.

Personally with work I always overestimate how long I need as a worst case scenario and then if I can come back sooner I would. I don't want them having unrealistic expectations on me. Also in my company its worse if you return to work, are still not better and then have to take more time off as they count this as a separate sickness period from the initial time off for the op.


Hi. I got signed off for 4 weeks but I think that's probably because the surgeons are also my work colleagues and they were being extra nice to me lol. But I think that it's generally 2-3 weeks. Good luck with your surgery. x


Thank you for taking the time to respond. i shall make sure that i ask the question before the op.


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