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Time off work after lap

Hi Ladies, my lap is booked for 9th Nov and I am wondering how much time il need off work. (My documents all say lap and treat endo whilst there) I have a desk job but I am always up and down stairs in the warehouse/factory etc so quite an active job. I have read such mixed views so I was curious- how long you were signed off for, how long you were actually off for and if you feel you took the right amount of time?

Thanks x

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I needed 2 weeks and was more than enough. My endo was removed by ablation x

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Thank you


Hi hun

I think it depends on how much endo you have removed and how. I had ablation surgery which didn't take me long to recover but I had excision surgery in march this year and it took me over 4 months but endo was taken from everywhere pelvic wall, bladder, bowel, everywhere but my ovariesbasically. I did need more surgery on my bladder inbetween though. I kept getting infections too which slowed the process down. Think I had 8 infections all together.

Just make sure you feel right before you go back to work. You'll know yourself when you are ready.

Good luck x


Wow sounds like you've really been through the mill :( sorry to hear that. Thanks for the advice x



Mines due 26th Oct and I've been wondering the same thing but unfortunately it's hard to say both my laps had different recovery times previously so just don't know on this one.

They say it takes a week to recover from a lap but I just think everyone's body is different and you shouldn't rush back. I did that on my first one thinking ah I'll be fine after a week but ended up going back home for another week! I have a desk job which involves up and down stairs to the warehouse too and although I thought I'd be fine I was wrong! You don't realise how much you use your muscles to do the simply thing in sitting upright! Xx


Thank you, I am not very good at being off work I like to stay active! I will need to learn not to push myself too much x


No worries :) same Hun I was so frustrated with myself when I had to go home well I had no choice I got sent home ha but we just have to realise this is our body and we have to look after it as much as we can and take as much rest as we need xx

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I took two weeks which was plenty for me but my friend needed three weeks so I would say two min


I had planned to take 2 weeks but there was more endo removed than first anticipated, so I was signed off for 3 weeks and returned to work by doing half days for another 2 weeks after that.

I also have a desk job but if you are still in some pain it can be quite uncomfortable sitting in a chair all day. See how you feel, in hindsight I wish I had taken 4 weeks in total as I pushed myself to go back and I wasn't ready. Good luck with your op and hope you have a good recovery xx


Although I had quite a lot done a week was enough for me. I had my first lap on 27 September and had endo ablated and diathermied (had it on bowel, bladder, uterus and pelvic wall) and adhesions divided on pod, appendix and caecum. I had 3 days off work and then went in for a day but that was def too soon as I was exhausted and very sore the next day. I came back properly on Monday (I do a desk job with some long hours) and whilst I don't feel 100% all the time I definitely didn't need more time at home. I know it probably doesn't help much but I think the key is listening to your body and how you feel and as others have said only going back when you are ready x


It took me about 4 weeks


Hi I had my lap at start of Sept, had endo removed and a cyst in pouch of Douglas, I could only take a week off, I could of really done with another week as sitting at my desk was quite uncomfortable and I couldn't do my trousers up! I was quite tired too by mid afternoon, still not 100% back to normal. Hope it goes well and take the time you need to recover if you can x


It totally depend son what is done

I had 12 days off for a diagnostic lap and I have a very physical job

For one of my treatment

Laps I had just under a month off and had a lot done ,everyone is different



Best Wishes for today xx

I had my lap last Tuesday (1st), I was signed off for a week at first but saw my GP yesterday to extend this as still very uncomfortable.

My advice would be, don't rush it & take it day by day.

Take care,

Lou x


This was a year ago ! 😀 I had alot removed and was signed off for 3 weeks then spent 2 weeks on part time hours to ease back in xx


Lol !! Sorry!! That's weird how it was showing in my news feed.

I am a bit new to this!

Glad you are well now.

This is my second week signed off, but I still have a lot of cramping pain.

Lou xx


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