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Time off work after a lap?

Hi. I’m due my laparoscopy soon to remove endo and 2 cysts and wondered how long to take off work. I’m a self employed beauty/massage therapist. I work on my own so no one available to take over my bookings. My clients are very understanding and tell me to take as much time as possible to get well. However, being self employed means no sick pay. Any advice much appreciated 😁

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After I had my laparoscopy I was signed off work for 2 weeks. I got fed up after a week and went into work and ended up being signed off for a third week because my body simply wasn’t recovered and I ended up in a great deal of pain. Everyone’s different though! Hope that helps. Best of luck with your op xx

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Hi lovely, everyone is different and it will also depend on how much Endo they find, and where. I had stage 3 Endometriosis and 2 ovarian cysts. I thought I would be taking no more then one week off, but it’s not been 2 for me and I still struggle to walk. I would have thought max 2-3 weeks, and minimum a couple of days.... xxx


Depends on a person I would say they say dont drive or lift heavy things until 2 weeks after 😮 Personally I only had a diagnostic lap and had to take 3 weeks off 😮

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I perform sport massages and because of the way you bend when massaging don’t do anything for two weeks. They cut through your lower abdominal weakening the muscles so you have to wait for them to mesh back together.

Hope that helps :)



I had my first surgery yesterday morning and my surgeon has signed me off unfit to work for 2 weeks and I do a desk job.

I would think you may need nearer a month off as you have a physical job.

I had 2 ovarian cysts removed (one 7cm growing in left ovary the other growing in left Fallopian tube) as well as left ovary, tube, endometriosis found sticking my uterus to bowel/pelvic wall can't remember which and cut away and biopsies taken of my enfometrioum.

I am in a lot of abdomen pain at the mo but don't want to take any painkillers as they cause constipation and I haven't had a bowel movement as yet so a bit worried about that.



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