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Tranexamic Acid after coil removal

I had my 3rd Mirena coil removed (after 8 months) a couple of weeks ago. Started a period yesterday and trying tranexamic acid to see if it helps with the pain and bleeding as I have refused any more hormone treatments. Got my hospital appointment on the 13th of April where I will again ask for an endometrial ablation. Don't hold out much hope but got to try. I'm sick of this :(

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A few years ago I was admitted into hospital with ravaging pain through my pelvis and lower left side just above the pubic bone. After 10 days of monitoring and testing I discharged myself as they couldn't give me anything to manage the pain, even morphine didn't touch it. I asked whether it could have been caused by the Mirena coil and all doctors didn't think it had a connection. I returned to my doctor and asked for it to be removed and hey presto the pain went a day later.

I literally feel your pain :) and frustration. It took years and assistance from one very good consultant physician from my local surgery before I got an endometrial ablation to treat my very heavy and painful periods. It gave me a new lease of life! Unfortunately 18 months on I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for which there is little on offer to treat the condition other than another ablation or hysterectomy.

Keep persisting - try another surgery or doctor if you get no joy. Constant lack of sleep and pain can literally drive you mad. I felt murderous at times. Chin up, hope you get the treatment you need soon.


Thank you for your reply! It is so frustrating if this surgeon wont help me I will sell my car and go private. I really have had enough. You are right lack of sleep and pain is awful. I should be having the time of my life instead I'm a wreck.

Did you have endo before the ablation?


No I didn't, but many women with heavy painful periods often go on to get it as uterun cells can get lodged in other parts of the body including on the walls of fallopean tubes, pelvic floor, lower stomach and bowels - places an ablation can not reach. Mine is on the fallopean tubes so a full hysterectomy will be required.


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