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Tranexamic acid

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My gp has prescribed this as a way to lighten my periods until the coilis fitted. I don't know when that is. I was reffered in Jun, July and gp said a 6 month waiting list

Husband is against this as all his research says about heart attacks and strokes. He also said I have lived with it this long I may as well wait until I get the coil fitted

Can anyone help or have any expirence of taking this medication

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I wasn't aware of it causing heart attacks/strokes! I was prescribed it several weeks ago for heavy periods with clots. The only thing the GP said about it was to stop taking if experience visual disturbances. I found it helped a lot to be honest. Where is the research from that says it can cause or is associated with heart attacks/strokes? Thanks

Husbands Googling. I was hoping it would to. Have taken two tablets and feel really spaced. I can't feel like this I have 2 kids. Not for 5 days each month. I will carry on.

Hope it works for you

Sorry you feel like this. If they're making you feel spaced out that's definitely not good :(I had more of an indigestion feeling in my upper chest from taking them for the first time for 4 days last week. But I found they reduced my bleeding a lot so I will persevere if I don't get any other side effects.

I know you shouldn't take tranexamic whilst on the combined pill and/or if you smoke as it can increase the chance of DVT so maybe that's linked to stroke/heart attack. I hope you can get your coil fitted soon and that it will help 🤞🏻 we can't use painkillers and these various acids for long term can we xx

I just feel really dizzy andike I can't concentrate. I feel like I'm not on my body like I am stood next to myself. It has greatly lessened the bleeding but I can't cope like this for 5 days. I will just wait for my coil and see if that helps

I've been on Tranexamic Acid for years. I was bleeding more often than not and was at the point of sitting in big towels when at home as I went through a tampon and two over-lapped pads so quickly.

It took about two cycles to become fully effective, but completely regulated my periods. No more bleeding other than a normal amount of days each cycle, and it reduced the amount of bleeding to what it should be. I should note that I was prescribed daily use. Often it is prescribed for use only for specific days based on your menstrual cycle.

The only time I had any issues was when I tried taking progesterone. It is known for causing this issue for many woment (not all). I started break through bleeding most days, but this ceased within a couple of weeks of stopping the progesterone.

The progesterone also had a severe impact on my mental health and my over all personality and it was absolutely horrible. For this reason I would suggest trying an oral progesterone before committing to a Mirena Coil as if you don't get on with it you then need to book an appt to have it removed.

As a side note, progesterone (which is what is in the Mirena Coil) can also cause blood clots and strokes.

If this is a concern for you, you can speak to your GP about any risk factors and family history which may put you at an increased risk of this occuring. Like all medications, they declare any side effects they are aware of and you then need to weigh the risk of these possible side effects against the risks of not taking it.

I wish you luck in finding the best solution for you.

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Happyneets in reply to Missy100

Your so right in terms of what the coil can do. In relation to your personality, what did you experience, if you don't mind me asking.

I feel the implant caused me to over think. But I need to have it again due to server period pains.


I just felt not me. I couldn't concentrate, I could focus. I felt like I was going along but I had no control over it

Thank you.

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Missy100 in reply to Happyneets

I started to have sharp mood swings, became really short tempered and angry over things that never usually would have bothered me at all, and I experienced even more anxiety and stress than I normally do.

I was prescribed it for heavy bleeding but was told not to take it more than 4 days. I take two tablets 3 times a day and it’s really helped with the amount I bleed. I can’t take the pill as I get ocular migraines and it increases the chances of stroke. My doctor knows this and said the risk is low enough not to be worried about taking it especially when it’s only for a few days. My doctor said to be aware of the symptoms of blood clots and present to a&e if I have any symptoms but I should’ve fine. My period last a week but it gets me past the worst of it. I haven’t noticed feeling spaced on it but I am mentally ill and have “period brain” as well as codine based pain killers and fatigue so I maybe wouldn’t notice.

It really does reduce your flow. Well it helped with mine. Also with pain. But the flow was no longer red, turned brown. Which u hate. Also my period would last a day or 2 day longer. Those side effects would probably be due to long term use.

Good luck.

I’m on the pill now but pre birth control I was insanely heavy, like someone turned on a tap for the first two to three days. I was constantly doubling up overnight pads and super plus or plus extra tampons and still having to change them in under an hour. Tranexamic acid really helped my bleeding so much. Was also severely anemic as well so helped control that better

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