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Fertility Emotions

Just wondered how anybody that has been trying to conceive with no success are coping? I am at the point that I am starting to feel numb and giving up. I have mild endo, a blocked tube and my husband has low motility and morphology, we are on the waiting list for IVF which is a 6-8 month waiting list and although it is not long it feels forever after trying for so long. It seems everyone around me is pregnant or falling pregnant. I have this horrible heavy feeling all the time. I am trying to stay positive but it is becoming very difficult.

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I felt exactly the same as you!!! My husband had the same problem and I also have endo, we are paying privately for the icsi treatemnt we are currently having and the wait was only 4 weeks to have consultation and get started on the drugs!!! This I feel is our best hope of conceiving a baby!! Hope you find this site helpful justs to chat to people!! X x x


Hey, We are in the exact same position. I have had my fill now of people with children on the train, in the street etc, Royal baby this Royal baby that. I could quite easily draw a line under the whole thing and get a dog...

We have been trying for almost 2 years we are both 27. Nothing major has shown up yet. We are on the waiting list for Ivf (currently 1 year) however I doubt I would actually go down that route. I have tried everything I could think of and still 25 cycles later nothing. And to top if off my younger sis is due in September potentially on my birthday. Currently awaiting a diagnostic Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy appointment to access my tubes.

I have ups and downs. Trying to just keep busy. But its hard...

I wish it was just a clear cut yes and no. Not a wait and see, disappointment every month. Wish I could see in to the future and be able to say to myself now 'Don't worry you'll get there'.

K xo


I know what u mean it's the disappointment every month K87S . We've tried not thinking about, then tried thinking about it pinpointing the perfect ovulation times but still nothing works. I meet my friends every Thursday for coffee and they all have 2 kids each, I'm the only 1 without. I sit there feeling stupid because I don't know all the things they talk about. I want it so desperately bad but try not to show it. My work mate has told me today she's pregnant and I'm over the moon for her but I also feel sad because I want it for myself then feel terrible for thinking like that. It's a vicious cycle that feels never ending at the moment. X x


You're not alone. I'm always going through same thing. I have stage 3 endo and been trying for 18 months and nothing. Also feels like everyone in the world is pregnant but us. I bought a clear blue advanced fertility monitored to see if that can help at all. I'm starting to resent it all and today is def a day I could give up on it all.


Hells83bells I'm having that sort if day too just want to give up and say no more. If you don't mind me asking are u on a waiting list for ivf? I thought about one of those clear blue monitors but was afraid as my husband is feeling the pressure x x


It is really hard to deal with fertility problems, when you want a baby so much. We have been trying to conceive for 5 years. It's been tough and I've seen friends and family have one, two and even three babies in that time. I'm constantly having to put on a happy face when yet another colleague announces she is pregnant... Then I slope off to the toilets to have a good cry as I feel life is so unfair.

We were unexplained fertility, then I was diagnosed with endo during IVF. But not sure that's causing the problem as my tubes are clear, and we make good embryos and I can get pregnant (I've had three early miscarriages)

Ivf is so hard, yet I keep putting myself through it as I can't yet accept it won't work. Having got so close, and actually seen a positive test, I just can't give up yet.

I wish all you ladies luck and sympathise with how you all feel, but take small comfort in the fact you are not alone. Xx

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Thank u flowerpotts we're all in this together, wishing everyone luck in our journeys! Just wish I could learn to control my emotions better x x


I 100% agree.. We've been trying naturally for 5 years and because of my endo and his low sperm count I've never caught. It's so emotional as I want to be a mom so bad.. Everybody's having children and it's heartbreaking .. I'm happy for everyone but just wish it was me so bad. We're going to go private for ivf soon.. thank you for your post you've made me see im not the alone in this and neither are you xx


I am also in same position waiting to get into ivf


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