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Hi All,

I have severe endometriosis and had a total pelvic excision a year ago which has dramatically stopped my pain but we have been unable to get pregnant.

We have been trying to conceive for a year now with no luck.

I have had 3 chemical pregnancies, so I am able to get pregnant but it just does not last.

My GP said he would refer me to a fertility specialist and really I just wanted to know:

The tests they will do at a fertility specialist?

Would I only be considered for IVF on the NHS after 2 years of trying?

Any other advice / recommendations

Thanks so much :) xxxxx

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You might be better joining the infertility network on here. x

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With severe endo you will be eligible for IVF on the NHS now. Number of cycles given is dependent on your CCG. 

They will want to test your FSH levels ( indicator of how you will respond to drugs in terms of your ovarian reserve) although some clinics ( more private ones will use a different test called AMH). They may also want to know if you have any hydrosalpinx- fluid in your tubes- as is it often better to have those blocked or the tubes removed prior to a cycle as the fluid leaking back into the uterus is thought to be toxic to an embryo. You'll also have the usual raft of tests- STD's, HIV, hepatitis etc before you can start. 

Get that referral as soon as you can. 


Thanks very much for your reply. I always thought you had to be trying for 2 years before the nhs would do anything. In that case I will start the ball rolling ASAP xxx


You have to be trying for 2 yrs if the cause of infertility is unknown. You have pre-existing Endo so they already have a potential cause and it is fast tracked to some extent. For base line tests where I am it's about 6months, then a further wait of 12-18 for ivf. However if you live in a part of the U.K. With a good no. of embryologists and low ivf demand it can all happen within a year - all depends.

Sign up to the infertility network, I found it very helpful to learn more from other ladies, you could ask what experiences are in your local area and for more detail on procedure etc.

Don't give up hope we had an early mc at 5-6wks and a chemical preg a few months later. Now preg so it can happen, if you get preg that bodes very well. Do bbt tracking as can give docs more info and let's you know if you're maybe ovulating late/early or have an irregular cycle. We both were on pregnacare, cut out alcohol and I followed Endo diet, did fertility acupuncture. All helped I think. Also when I got preg the third time my hubby pretty much laid down the law and had me resting every free second until 16ish wks!

Good luck with everything xxx

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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Is great to hear people's experiences and time frames. So you got pregnant naturally without IVF? Congratulations that's great :) I am hoping that it happens for us naturally as I have had 3 chemical pregnancies so I guess in a way that's a good sign that I can get pregnant :) thanks again xxx


Yep, we were told no chance and were waiting on baseline tests. 3rd pregnancy now at 6+ months. We were told to expect that Chem/early miscarriage could happen if we did get preg as it is very common with endometriosis. The chemical environment isn't as hospitable to a developing embryo and women can have 'patchy' wombs where the thickness of the endometrium can vary - if embryo attempts to implant at a thin point it won't take properly.

Anyway I know it's traumatic but stick with it, your time will come too xx

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thanks for your message its encouraging to hear other stories :) congrats and good luck for your pregnancy :) xxx

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Kat, after a year of TTC we went to our GP. We both had testing (bloods for me to see if I was ovulating and sperm test for the husband) once these came back we were reffered to the fertility clinic for more testing. (18months from starting TTC to getting into the fertility clinic)

It was only indentified I had endo once I was part way through our first IVF cycle.

As you have have also had 3 chemical pregnancies you can request to be reffered to the recurrent miscarriage clinic by your GP (they can do blood tests to check for possible causes, so may be worth doing now as well)

I've had 4 chemicals (3 with fertility treatment and just one natural) so went to the reccurent miscarriage clinic. As a result I have to have high dose folic acid.

I also decided to also go for private testing at a clinic in Coventry for something called high NK cells in the womb lining, which the research team there believe can cause problems with implantation, causing the chemical pregnancies. It's was in the news recently about their research trials and findings etc. As a result, they found my levels were extremely high and I have to have further steroid treatment alongside IVF.

Oh. Also if you have been trying for more than 6 months and you are over 35, you can request the referral to the fertility clinic then due to your age.

Hope this helps. Good luck x


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