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Hi Ladies, I'm currently a member of this page and 'trying to conceive' but feeling a little sorry for myself (and selfish) as I can't bear to read another post from someone who's pregnant!

I was diagnosed with Endo approximately 18 months ago and have been trying to conceive for over 3 years. I've had two laps in the last 17months (last one was four months ago) and already symptoms are returning.

My partner and I are now waiting for an appointment with fertility but I wondered what i should expect. Do they start you on hormones there and then, or is it like most hospital visits where it's months of tests and appointments before you start any kind of treatment? Feeling desperate (I'm 37). Any advice would be great

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Serrapetase. Its been a life saver for me.


I've never heard of it! Is it a herbal remedy?


its an enzyme I think everyone with endo should be on it.


Hi Lucy16, I am not sure if it is the same everywhere but in my case , I got referred to fertility in January and got the letter to go for some tests in March. I had to do blood tests and a US and my partner had to also do blood tests and a semen sample. We got our appointment with the consultant in May and first IVF was in September. In my hospital they like to put ladies with endo on a 3 months prostap injection before IVF otherwise it would have been sooner. So hopefully now that you have the referral things should start moving quickly. Best of luck


Thanks for this info. We've had all the tests so hoping it will mean we will start treatment (whatever that will be) straight away. The process just seems so long winded!



My partner and I were referred for fertility in march 16, had all the work up done but end of May. Results June.

I need a laparoscopy which confirmed endometriosis in September

I then had a 3 month injection of prostap started in October, ivf in Jan 17

Was unsuccessful, now waiting for another referral for a 2nd round

Hope that helps with time scales

Good luck xx


Thanks for your reply. So was ivf your only option or do they try hormone treatments first?


Due to the endometriosis I have tubular damage and a duvericulum on a tube so hormonal treatment wasn't an option as I would be high risk of an ectopic pregnancy. So ivf had the best chance of success

They treated as much of the endometriosis with the surgery and then the prostap injection was meant to calm down the endometriosis that couldn't be removed in preparation for the ivf, was meant to give me the odds . Problem was (in hind sight) the prostap lasted 6 months instead of 3 so I had a low egg retrieval (5) and poor quality due to the prostap. I had a 3 day embryo transfer which failed and they other embryos were not good enough quality to freeze so will need to all over

The doc said he will not put me on prostap next time as I'm so sensitive to it


I wish you all the luck in the world xxx


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