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Not again...pain pain

Hi ladies just wondering if any of u can give me some advice.

I've had a total hysterectomy taken my overies. ..cervix everything and 3 inches of my small bowel due to servear endometriosis on 5th November 2014... I've been having really bad like period pains...had this on and off for 3wks now sometimes it's really bad that I have to sit down with a hot water bottle...I don't want to go to the Dr's as they will think I'm daft as I can't have period pains as I've nothing there..... I just wanted some advice please.

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It sounds like you could have adhesions from your surgery that can cause a lot of pain I would go back to your gp as this will need to be dealt with.. If you wish to avoid further surgerys it may be worth trying physio or Pilates or yoga to try and gentaly stretch the scar tissue so it doesn't cause so much pain, but if that doesn't work they may need to take a look.

Good luck



I had same pain & therapy or stretching exercise is what I call it and pain med's, acupuncture. On a scale from 1-10 doing all that 2-3% helped me that's it. I got another surgary unfortunately, now I have other pain in pelvic caused by Doc but it has nothing to do with this conversation.


Hi clare123, I'm bed bound again today, taking tramadol and in agony. Like yourself I had a total hysterectomy in August everything removed and my uterus had attached itself to my bowel. Thought the pain would go but it hasn't, sending hugs x


I was under the impression that a hysterectomy wasn't a cure for endo, as it is self feeding and even without overies we still produce a small amount of estrogen, I think you could still have endo symtoms, presenting themselves as pain,m I would go to go and ask to be referred to a endo specialist,

Good luck xxxx


Glad to hear in one way I'm not alone reading these posts..... I had a full hysterectomy in June 2014. (Endo stage 4) i have really bad pain in my pelvis, groin area etc... It's like my pelvis is twisted under itself if that makes sence. I have the feeling of running water/ants feels around my stomach, lower back, pelvis, tops of both my legs. The pain consultant informs me that my nerves are in shock as I had 4 operations all in the same area within 18months!!! I'm currently changing my medication from pregablin to Gabapentin, and going through that side effect of that. It would be interesting to see how we are all doing in a few weeks time, see if anything has changed for anyone, that may be we could all use!


Hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries is not a cure for Endo as you are finding out. Did you have all the Endo removed by excision during the hysterectomy? If not - then you still probably have Endo, and that may possibly be what is causing the problems?


Thank you for the reply yes they said they got it all and that's why they took some of my small bowel as well...

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