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Hello! I've been suffering with period like abdominal pain and stabbing pains on either side which I call my "ovarian pain" as this is where I feel the pain is. I also get pain down into the tops of my legs and it feels like I get pain in my hip bone. Sex is also painful. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 so I was on the contraceptive pill for the last 5 years (I'm 21) because I was getting about 3 periods a year and they were heavy and painful. Everything has been more or less ok until the beginning of this year. I've been back and forth the doctors who referred me for a scan in April. Whilst waiting for the scan, I was sent home from work due to severe pain. I went to A&E who sent me home because they didn't scan on the weekend. They eventually scanned me in July and found a 3cmx3cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary. Apparently my polycysts have disappeared. Last week I saw my gynaecologist, who took swabs which came back clear. My gynaecologist reckons I have IBS and I need to eat more fruit and drink more water!! I personally disagree as I have been diagnosed with IBS in the past and I feel it's a totally different abdominal pain to the pain I am having. Also I don't have any bowel problems, I feel everything is working fine in that area. He referred me to the gastroentology clinic, I'm having another scan in 4 months to check the cyst and I'm going back to see him in 12 months. I have already received a letter today saying I'm on the list for the General Surgery Clinic. Now I feel anxious as I don't know what is going to happen in this clinic. Has anyone else ever had this much hassle being diagnosed? All of my symptoms are matching endometriosis symptoms. I just feel no one seems to be listening to what I am saying. I am going to the General Surgery Clinic to hear what they say but has anyone else been told it's IBS and totally ignored?

Thanks! Sorry it's a long post!

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Lots of ladies are told this, I was referred to a gyne then a gastro doc, then they found a kidney stone, all the docs where saying it's not normal kidney stone pain, and I agreed it wasn't my kidney, but they wouldn't move on with investigating until the stone had past, finally referred to 2nd gyne who agreed to do lap, diagnosed with endo and Adenomyosis,

Keep going back to docs, ask to be referred back to a gyne, just keep going, it's hard work sometimes but you will get there, if it's endo make sure you end up seeing a specialist at a BSGE centre, if you have one near you try to get referred here first,

Good luck



I appreciate the reply! Thank you! People keep saying to ask for a second opinion or go private. What's a BSGE centre? Xxx


I had a 7.6 dermoid cyst inside my ovary they said if they did surgery id loose my ovary and I had gotten so sick from being on pills for so many years from horrible periods that I would never take them again and those were there only options any gyno could give me.

Im happy to say I got rid of my cyst with out surgery its gone! Thanks to naturally healing the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Wobenzym is amazing for cysts and endo. also progesterone cream both of these things will help the whole equation the periods the pain cysts or endo what ever it is it doesnt even matter because they are all caused by the same thing estrogen dominance. Which means they are all cured by the same thing progesterone therapy to decrease the estrogen. But the enzyme therapy that wobenzym offers aids the body in breaking up unwanted tissues like cysts and endo and also increasing proper blood flow to the reproductive organs so they can get back to functioning properly. Ill post links below for you to read :) good luck!


Enzyme therapy and why it works natural-fertility-info.com/...


Progesterone cream I currentl use But I also recommend nat pro which you can also find online naturalfertilityshop.com/se...


I'll have a look at these links! Thank you! I started my period today and I am in the most unreal pain to the point I thought I was going to collapse in work. I have tried so many contraceptive pills and even though it made my periods less heavy and painful, they drove me loopy so I cannot go back to the pill so I guess I'll just have to stick to painkillers and heat pads. Thanks for the reply and the links!! X


you are most welcome =) the wobenzym ive read can act in the place of a pain killer too. Ive never tried it just for pain but I'm sure it helps. the natural fertility shop online also sells whats called "womens best friend" it helps with a lot of things but def would help your period and pain too. praying for you please keep me updated =) hope you feel better soon!

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Hi! I have been in complete pain for weeks in my left lower side. Had an ultrasound which didn't show anything and DRs are saying its IBS. I haven't had any problems with my bowels so I am really annoyed! I went to A&E as pain so bad and simply sent home with pain killers and told it's likely IBS! I'm so frustrated and beginning to wonder if it's endometriosis?


Does it feel like a period pain?? The only way they can diagnose endometriosis is through a laproscopy as far as I am aware. All my symptoms match endometriosis and they're still blaming IBS.


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