Hi Ladies

I am just having a rant today so apologies :(

I went to see my GP on Friday to talk to her about the possibility that my Endo has come back.....I was spoken to as though I was stupid and didn't have a clue. As many others probably have I took some notes that Lindle had posted on here about symptoms and POD, not that it actually helped. The words "endo is quite a general problem" cropped up.... GENERAL!!! So general is feeling like your insides are falling out, that you back is in constant pain, nausea, fatigue and dizziness to a point you pass out/fall over, emotions that mean you will cry at the drop of a hat, constantly feeling unwell and not forgetting not being able to be intimate with your fiancé because it hurts too much!!!

After sobbing and crying at her, she agreed to refer me to see the Gynae at the choice of hospital I wanted. She also has taken a lot of blood to test me for other things as she thinks my fatigue is caused by low iron, and that my emotional state is depression (of course I am depressed with all this going on).

At least I have my referral and hopefully I can be checked out properly.

Sorry for the rant but I needed to vent to people who know how it feels.

Chelle x

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  • Unfortunately, the problem with endo seems to be that because it doesn't look like there's anything wrong on the outside, they assume we're being wimps.

    I know how you feel, and unfortunately sometimes you have to make people listen to you if you want to get any sort of help. Just keep pushing for answers!

    I wish you all the best, keep smiling :) xx

  • Sad to hear that doctors continue to lack understanding and empathy so much. I'm glad that she referred you in the end but still, you shouldn't have to leave the appointment feeling frustrated and misunderstood. I hope the wait is not too long for you x

  • glad to hear you actually got a referral. keep us posted.

    sending hugs


  • Thank you ladies it means a lot. Its so nice to be able to discuss my problems with like minded people xx

  • I can imagine how you feel. Endo is not taken seriously. My main Gaeny doctor is so rude and disrespectful i always dread having to see him. After all you endure the last thing you need is a rude doctor. I am afraid next time i'm forced to see him i will loose it right there. he is a complete neanderthal.

  • I pushed to see a different gynae this time, but I am worried as she has only sent me to see the general after I asked to see the specialist :( hopefully he will refer me whilst I am there

  • I hope so to. for as long as i have had this pains i noticed as a patient one has to keep pushing to get checked or seen . its quite frustrating when you are ill and just lack the energy. Hoping all will be sorted out for you.

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