Question for Ladies who have had endometrial ablation


If you have had this procedure can you let me know what age you were when you had it done please?

My "specialist" said at a previous consultation I was too young (39 in 3 weeks) and it wouldn't work. I'm going back to see here on the 13th April and I will ask again for this procedure. I'm really interested in how many ladies around my age have had it and if it has been successful.

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi

    I was offered it from my previous consultant in 35yrs, although in the letter she sent to my GP she said she didn't think it would work she just didn't bother telling me that. X

  • I was 41 when I had it, it worked amazingly I haven't had a period since it was done a year and a half ago.:-) :-)

  • 43 yrs old. Just had the procedure done yesterday. But I know people younger than me who have had it done x good luck

  • Thanks Ladies!

    R-C- hope you have a quick recovery x

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