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Update: feeling down

As those who read last post will know I was sent away from gynae (Sheffield 2nd opinion after being seen by Doncaster for 5 years) with the pill to try yet again!!! Well....a week in I feel worse for taking it....as I did the last god knows how many times iv tried it....this one will be different she said....not the case!! Feel bloated, bleeding, anxious and low!!! Looks like gp for me yet again as I am not continuing with this for 3 months before they will even consider a lap!! Sorry for the rant but once to have an out let on here !!!!

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Have a look at my posts to see if you identify with all the symptoms of endo and how to exercise your right to see a specialist if that is what they suspect.


Definitely think its endo!! Both gynae (sheff and Doncaster) have said they think it is. Sheffield who I saw last week said possibly adenomyosis as well! But both have wanted to try medical management rather than give me a lap....this one expects me to try pill back to back for another 3 month....already done it, made no difference and this one just making things worse!!!

I was referred to Sheffield by new GP for a second opinion on understanding I was to be seen by the endo specialist but when I got there it was just a general gynae doc.....so frustrating


I should think it would be worth paying for a private consultation with a specialist of your choice. I have only just discovered you can do this now without a GP referral, although your GP isn't obliged to follow their recommendations. I should hope most would though.


The good thing is that your GP is clued in enough to refer you to an endo specialist. Unfortunately things seem to have gone awry with your appointment.

If you can't afford to see the Sheffield endo specialist privately I suggest that you go back to your GP and explain what happened and that you were not seen by the doctor that he/she referred you to. Your GP deserves to know this. Then request that the referral is made again to the right doctor. The pill you have been given is clearly not working and you are in the same position you were prior to your "2nd opinion" appointment. An appointment with another general gynae who just gives you pills does not amount to a second opinion.

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I really empathise with what you are going through. I was fobbed off with the pill for 7 years before I had a diagnostic lap. In fact it was only when I moved across the country that I managed to find a GP that would refer me. I honestly suggest making a complaint to your Health Board and say that you are in crippling pain and it is affecting your ability to work etc. The only thing is though when I finally got my diagnosis 5 years ago I thought that it would get better but I had a lap to remove endo a few months later and I had no choice but to go on the pill afterwards. The pain after the op was worse because I also have adenomyosis which can be exasperated by surgery.

I have avoided laps ever since because of the adenomyosis and now being booked in for one 5 years later purely for fertility treatment. The pill does not make me better completely I get the bloating etc that you describe but I think they are always reluctant to do lots of laps when you have signs of adenomyosis particularly if you want to preserve your fertility. That being said the diagnosis can provide a great deal of relief especially when dealing with employers etc.

I really hope you find the resolution you are looking for.


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