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Feeling down :-(

Im just having a rant coz today im having abit of a down day.. wish i could have a big bar of chocolate to cheer myself up but as im mainly gluten free these days and cutting down on sugars coz of the endo diet i cant have any :( also this is the first month trying to conceive but i just cant help feeling like its never gonna happen because i know that i have endo so i feel like its impossible to get pregnant.. im trying to not get too obsessed with it and stress myself out but its hard.. im trying to adopt the "if it happens, it happens" attitude.. Grrrrrr endo makes me so mad sometimes ...

Rant over (for now) lol


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I know exactly how you feel honey, big hugs to you xxxx


I've been feeling similar all week. And this is night #9 of not being able to get to sleep because of pains/nausea... It is SO frustrating but know you're not alone and you WILL conceive. Don't give up, have a little dark chocolate as I find it doesn't make my symptoms flair up, *hug* xxx



Yes I agree with the ladies above, allow yourself some little treats, you will feel better and no once said that you can't be pregnant if you have endo. There are only certain cases with fertility problems.

So get rid of this mood and be optimistic! How you feel is a one of the key factors to conceive.

Jo xx


treat yourself you need to be happy, a bit of chocolate and a glass of wine has not killed anybody


Aww huni I feel for you, it took me a year to fall pregnant with my first children and a few months with my second so it will happen just give it time and enjoy urself have some chocolate having a little treat every now and then won't hurt. I've been having a few down days myself. Hugs to you huni xx



Sorry you're feeling so low.

Have you tried raw choc pie (www.rawchocpie.co.uk)? It's gluten, dairy & sugar free and it's yummy :) I received my first order this week.

Best of luck & hope you feel better soon.



Hi confused girl, sorry your so down. I have Endo and sum other probs and have been blessed with 4 lovely children (wasn't always an easy journey to getting there) but nonetheless definitely possible!!! Little chocolate treat and do something you love or with someone that may cheer you up :) Tracie xxxxx


Can I join in and say I too feel exactly the same.

Also ttc since August my lap but only monitored it from last month. I too still have endo which the surgeon left inside but although only a bit it still causes pain. It gets me down a lot but at the moment I am living on one tramodol a day and think sod it i can't stand the pain and take the tablet. I have tried the endo diet to a good extent but I would say I have cut out at least 80% of gluten but can't give coffee up, which I do have 2 cups a day but very very weak and cafine free. I have also lost a stone and a half cutting out most bad foods, but don't want to loose any more as I am not exactly big and would begin to look a bit thin if I lost any more weight.

I am also down because I think it will be impossible for me to conceive. Others do but I just have this thing in my head were I think it happens to everyone else but not me so I feel sorry for myself over this. So really you are not alone. I know its hard because I am there too but somehow try and keep your chin up. Am sure we can all support each other on this strange journey in life x


Hiya , its okay to have a rant , its okay to have some chocolate , and absulutly okay to be filled with self doubt "sometimes" we are only human and we are reactive to things .

Ive had endo for 15 years now, 6 laps , 2 excisions , one lazer, suppression treatment, had the last surgery 8 weeks ago, aged 33 and told it is encouraged i try and have a child now . Yes i have been pregant , with no live birth , however what is important is that we put our focus on "being well", and stress free where possible, if that means occassionally we indulge with chocolate and a movie then go ahead hun, you deserve it . we can get very down with the things we cant do and the foods we should steer from, i know its easy to get overwealmed and fed up , but its okay to have a blow out and to say how crap it can be . I guess the "unknown" doesnt sit well with anyone. i am seriously rambelling now . I have days where i feel god this is awful, feel helpless and pesimistic , and the odd days wheer i think im talking myself into feeling crap and decide to have a spurt of energy, it always has a pengilum effect . just go with how you feel, today is today and tommorrow is hopefully better


Thanks for your lovely replies ladies :) sorry i took all day to reply iv been at work and my mobile internet is soooo slow..lol. all your replies are helpful and lovely though and make me feel less alone.. i hope everyone is doing ok :) xx


sorry to hear yr all on a downer... but can i just butt in and ask whats this endo diet??? never heard of it?... iv had endo going bk 12 yrs ago got told i cant have kids i have two beautiful madams .. mini me's :) kicked their dad out for cheating on me whislt i had the endo ablation 5 yrs ago, been there tried the pills n coil but now today im getting very low like yrselves run down tired drained n rolloxed excuse my lauguage.. i even have me a happy light as my girls would say... iv been to gp to took a swab and i await my scan to see if my lush endo has reappeared... but thsi endo diet yr on about where can i get info on it please xxx


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