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"Sigh" feeling Down

Does anyone feel like their endometriosis is now affecting their moods? I am very low at the moment and have no confidence in my doctor, not really sure where to turn to. My partner/family are supportive but I feel like they don't trutly understand what I'm going through. I was discharged from

Hospital again last week on painkillers (the ones I came in on that aren't helping) and have ended back in today.

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I was getting very low a few months ago. So sad over everything i felt really useless, like i had something i couldnt deal with as there is no real cure and i just thought it was so unfair to be dealt this card. I am constantly exhausted so felt like it was constantly an uphill battle! I have just literally had to give my self a kick up the backside and start seeing the positives in everything, ignoring negative thoughts or counteracting them, its exhausting to begin with but i feel a lot better now :)

i would definitely suggest you change GP, ive had these issues for years at an old doctors, moved a few months ago and everything has just been superspeed since my new gp got on the case, i actually owe her a lot of thanks for believing me and referrring me again after so many "normal" internal scans at the other doctors.

even my consultant said she cannot understand how such noticeable adhesions were missed for so long.

good luck, and i really hope you start feeling better through all this xxx


Thank you for getting back to

Me. Yeah il definitely go see the GP i just wish they would do something whilst I'm admitted its always another six months and I'm afraid i have reached my tolerance limits xx


Ring them and get stern in the politest way possible. i kept ringing my consultants booking clerk and saying "i understand theres others waiting, but i am in significant pain, this is REALLY affecting my life, im missing work relationships are breaking down" in most occasions ive managed to get a cancellation appointment within a few weeks :)

they tend to be really understanding, and they DO have lay away appointments regardless of what they say :P i used to work in an nhs appointments centre so know they will if they can xxx


Thank you yhats really helpful I keep getting stern with the consultants in hospital who say "well get you an urgent referral" but nothing ever comes out of it. Il try ringing myself.



Most Consultants have a memory like a sieve



I'm so sorry to hear how down you are. I have been like this in the past when I found the pain so restrictive. I was scared to go out in case I was away from home and in pain. Wouldn't arrange anything social because I kept letting people down, but I have a new consultant and he is amazing you'd think he was an Endo sufferer in a past life. It is definitely worth getting a second opinion and seriously think about some form of emotional well being technique. I ended up on anti depressants and xanax at my worst stage but have started a Diploma in Sophrology now and this has helped me to trust my body more rather than try to be totally disconnected from it and hating it and knowing that my body gives me good sensations helps our mind a lot in the long term. I just have to think of my cat purring in my ear or the snow falling silently and notice how my body feels and my mind is in a better place. You can also use this for pain, it just takes the edge of sometimes. So start bottling your happy moments over Christmas and noticing how your body feels. If you have pain acknowledge it and then go back to your happy moment. It becomes a way of life eventually, and I find it helps. Definitely worth getting a second opinion though.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Big hugs



Thank you so much for your advice il definitely try this out. I like yourself don't arrange any social events or go out because anytime I do I end up in pain and I am at a low point just now. Il give it a try.

Hope your chistmas was lovely




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