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Post lap periods!

So I'm on my 2nd period since I had my lap done and they laser'd the endo and removed a cyst...

My periods used to be very painful, fairly heavy but it was always thick, with lots of clots (really sorry to be so grafic!)... Now they are pain free which is amazing!!! But if I didn't know it wasn't possible, I would think I was bleeding to death! Honestly, all clots and thickness have gone, but now I can't even get out of the shower without it just running down my legs... It's a nightmare! Last time it lasted for nearly 2 weeks in total, I thought that was maybe just because it was the first one since the oo, but this second on is also really heavy!

Have other people experienced this? And will it always be this heavy now?!

I have the copper coil atm.... Still waiting for my consultant appointment, but don't think I'll change to the mirena coil as I don't get on with the hormones...

Thanks! Lx

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I am not a professional and can only offer my limited experience of the copper coil-I was prescribed it as I couldn't have the pill or tolerate combination or mini pills after many years. I was told I would not conceive early on in life naturally, which didn't concern me too much at the time (18/19 yrs) due to what I affectionly call my squiffy cervix and a tilted womb amongst other things- notat all like/similar to your condition .i was informed before I had the copper coil fitted it can cause heavier periods in more cases than not. I chose it because I was concerned of the localised effects on the womb ofhormonal type coil-merina. It can take months for the womb to get back to its pre-coil state I believe? More could be known or better advised by now as this is nrly 5years ago. once I got a copper coil after my first child (24,happy accident with contraception) I bled progressively frm spotting to such a heavy flow I became anaemic in a few a weeks and changed to the merina.the real problem was trying to find someone to remove and replace the coil and I had to get a prescription to stem the bleeding for the few days wait to have the copper coil replaced initially. two spontaneous attempts to break free later, I have lived much easier with the third merina coil due to be replaced later this year. Although my periods are rare and the first 6-9months my IBS flared up badly, I had terrible migraine and was spotting to varying degrees it passed within a few months. No migraines, no spotting. has all settled down and I couldn't be happier.the horrors were worth it for me.but as you know, everyone is different. Friends or family that have had the different coils all have different stories to tell, and no one size fits all fixes are available unfortunately. The most common story overheard is the bleeding-either too heavy or for too long, whereas I bled heavily for over 6/7 weeks nonstop.best of luck and hope ur keepin ur chin up.it can all be so frustrating and exhausting!


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