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Endo & UC

Hello all!

I have a question! Has anyone ever been misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis or an IBD, when really it could be an extent of their Endo sneaking into the bowel?

Around 2 and a half years ago I started getting rectal bleeding, painful cramps and abdominal pain, after an emergency sigmoidoscopy, the consultant ruled out any IBD and said I just had IBS but symptoms persisted and the bleeding got worse (particularly around the time of my period) and so I did my own research into Endo and the doctors said it could be a possibility. I was referred to a gynae consultant, after various scans and an MRI it was still unclear what was causing the issues so he suggested a 6 month course of Zoladex and I saw real improvements! it shut down my hormones and periods (just like the menopause) and it was only when the course had finished symptoms returned. I was scheduled in for a laparoscopy in December and they found very minor Endo and removed this, I was meant to go on the merina coil, but this was forgotten in the surgery and was too painful to implant after! - my other issue, very painful sex!! Symptoms disappeared for a good 3 months, but March 2014 came around and the rectal bleeding was back and worse than ever. I took myself to a&e and after CT scans, x-Rays, ultrasounds and a second colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with left sided ulcerative colitis as the 'histology in my biopsies' supported this. I was put on a course of steroids and a long term Treatment of pentasa but found the pentasa only made me feel worse. In October I was still experiencing heavy periods (as I have done since first getting my period) it can get so bad that I will leak through a super tampon, pad, clothing on onto the bed :( I was having the opposite issue of diarrhoea and bleeding from the rectum and found myself very constipated, I spoke to my gynae consultant again and he did an ultrasound and said he could see possible adenymiosis... I am now back on the Zoladex injections (up to my 4th injection) he said the GI's would have been able to see if the Endo was in my bowel (usually it only grows outside) and it wouldn't be confused with UC. I have been off work for 3 weeks with extreme fatigue, painful cramps, severe constipation and this month is the first that the Zoladex has shut down my period. The doctors and my GI said this sounds like it's only IBS and not a flare up, I either think this is a flare up or Endo related!

Someone please tell me if this is similar to you and whether they could be wrong about the UC and if this could all be down to Endo! I need answers! Thank you x

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