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Is it Endo


Good evening all, I am new to all this and just wanted some advice please. I have been suffering with various symptoms for a very long time. Mainly tiredness, pain in my lower abdomen sometimes in my back and rectum area also on alternate months my left side during my menstrual cycle is agony. I also suffer pain during and after intercourse. Bloatedness after I eat I feel like I'm 6 months pregnant. I also feel like a dragging down sensation in my pelvic area all the time. I discovered that drinking soya milk made me feel even worse so have stopped drinking that. It was recently after I went to the doctors that they discovered I had ectropium which has now been removed but not relieved the symptoms as its not painful so it has now been mentioned it could be endo. My scan came back clear but was told it can only really be diagnosed with a laparoscopy. The Dr has told me to try the combined pill rivotegen for 4 months but after reading all the cautions and side effects in really do not feel comfortable taking it especially as I haven't had a diagnosis yet. So sorry for the long post but should I ask for the laparoscopy and dies my symptoms sound like it could be endo. Any advice will be greatly appreciated x x

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I personally would have the Lap it is the only way to be 100% sure some women can go years with no symptoms at all and then discover they have it one way or another and everybody's experience is different but the pains your having sound similar to some of the thing I go through and I do have endometriosis and my right tube is stuck to my bowel x

Pippajo79 in reply to Gemlou27

Thank you and bless you I hope you find away to help too as it can be really painful x

Gemlou27 in reply to Pippajo79

Im being referred back to my gyno as my pains have worsened and now getting pains in different places to what I'm used to g3ttin I've had issues since I was 12 founf out my tube was stuck at 15 and found the endometriosis when I was 21 and I haven't been back since due to mental health and major break down but the last 3 periods have been the mother of all periods and have put me on my ass for a whole week so much the last one scared me and I rang the dr to get my bk in x

Pippajo79 in reply to Gemlou27

Its never been mentioned to me before even after I had 2 ectopic pregnancies and 3 miscarriages when I was in my twenties ended up having IVF to get my little one and nothing mentioned until now. I've had times where I have flooding out. I hope they can help you the joys if being a women x

After 12 yrs undiagnosed, with all symptoms you mentioned before, I found a doctor that suggested Lap. Diagnosed there, 15yrs ago. It never got better, but at least I got diagnosed.

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Thank you for your reply and that's all I want is a confirmed diagnosis will have to see if they will help.

Just wanted to throw out an idea. Estrogen-dominance. It’s a killer. It’s wide-spread. It’s a major problem for us ladies. So you can try to balance your hormones with BHRT. You need a doc who understands bio identical hormone replacement therapy. I’m beyond clueless about endometriosis but I suspect BHRT could help. Endo is really rampant now. The soy drink is more plant estrogens in your system, and you were able to feel the negative effects. Could be estrogen dominance. Get your testosterone, thyroid, adrenals, progesterone and estrogen checked if you can and level them out. Our female bodies are awash in estrogen and it does serious damage. Best of luck and sorry I’m a bit preachy and know-it-all and pushy. I’m working on that.

Thank you and no you didn't come across pushy we are complicated 😀 my biggest obstacle is getting a Dr to listen but what you say makes sense. They wanted me to go on a combined pill. I am nearly 39 years young with cancer and thrombosis in the family whence why I am not going to take it. It hasn't been diagnosed so hoping a laparoscopy will give answers if they will do it. Thanks again for the advice.

Soya will give you pain cos it's estrogen based. Lactose and gluten free a must! Cut out melon, bananas, avocado, ! Take pirton for allergy! Make foods you eat simpler to digest. Take the weight off your poor immune system. Eat foods like brigh coloured peppers. Beetroot, the anti inflammatory fennel, fennel tea, Belladona for pain for spam. Drugs from doctor Ponstan 40, maybe Co-diadromal! for starters!* Yes appears to be Endometriosis!

Pippajo79 in reply to JOSANDY40

Thank you for your response I have started to research in the diet and currently have started to cut out dairy we eat a good healthy balanced diet but now being more careful with the intake.

Soya is out! Bananas out! Anti-hismanes in! Belladona in! Ponstan40 and Codiadramol in in the short-term. If Endometriosis is in then perhaps Zoladex or a steroid in short-term Danol a steroid but you will gain weight! Keep surgery low!!! This disease likes cuts as scar tissue will over grow! I can not have further surgery without losing organs . Six surgeries in all! I am at a stage where I may lose my bladder and bowel with Histo

Yes certainly appears Endos!

Bless you it sounds like you have really been suffering I hope that the worse doesn't happen for you

I have had numerous scans that came back negative, surgery showed many problems from a frozen pelvis, severe endometriosis, cysts and scar tissue. Do have the surgery so you know what is going on.

Take good care

Thank you Daisy and you take care also

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