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Endo diet?

Quite new here and have been going through past posts. I have seen lots of references to an endo diet but googling hasn't found much. What are people referring to?

Also has it had a really positve effect?

I have a very irritable bowel (not sure if its part of the endo or not) and did the low FODMAP diet a few years ago. Gradual reintroduction showed me that wheat and corn gave me pain and symptoms very quickly other things did not. So I have stayed wheat and corn free and have noticed a massive reduction in period pains (though have not gone totally)

Does this tally with other people's experiences?

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Try this site.. iv personally cut out certain things but the diet is too strict for me to follow fully so I cut out and reduced the foods and caffine i have alot of. Not sure its really helpped tho.


Hi. I've only v recently been diagnosed with endo but have always had awful periods. I did a month of very strict eating a few years ago and it helped a lot - no wheat, dairy, yeast, caffeine or alcohol. I'm a big believer in healing ourselves through diet. I'm currently reading a great book by Dian Shepperson-Mills Endometriosis: a key to healing through nutrition. It's available on amazon. Good luck with it all! xx


I found cutting out wheat, gluten and soya really helped me x


Hi Claire,

I too find Wheat to be a trigger for "Period type" endo related pain.

I have followed the "Endo Diet" by cutting out or reducing:




Refined sugar


Red Meat


Fried foods

Processed foods

Foods containing MSG

While trying to eat organic as much as possible too.

These are what works for me, and may not work for everyone.

This was a useful link I found when first looking into the Diet. endo-resolved.com/diet.html

Some people say, cut out all eggs etc, but listen to your own body and see. I still drink alcohol, but in moderation.

I find if I follow as much of a plant based diet as I can and avoid processed "Wheat free" and "Dairy free" products as they often include extra ingredients.

I get a lot of recipe inspiration from deliciouslyella.com

Hope this helps. Best wishes, Megan x

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Hi Claire,

Same as Megan. Have used this diet for 23 years to manage my endo. Am drug-free and no more operations. Not entirely pain-free all the time, but it works for me.

I can have a daily coffee with no effect and even the odd cake. You will see what triggers pain or bloating or digestion problems. Everyone is different.

Raw vegan recipe books are full of amazing recipes and are really easy to make. I did eventually invest in a top notch blender, which was so worth doing.

Good luck, wishing you many pain-free days ahead.

Maud x


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