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Feeling rubbish

Feeling rubbish today. So up until the end of March I was on the pill. After not wanting to get the coil and using various contraception for the last 10 years I decided to see how my body is without any contraception.. I'm two days late (going on the last two cycles) and no sign of my period. Does anyone else get really irregular periods? My cycles used to be 24 days long but lately they've been anywhere between 28 and 45 days!!!! Also I'm worried because they're much lighter than they have been before ( i know that sounds joyful but it makes me worried im gonna have the mother of all periods very soon). I dont know whether it was just the contraception causing all my pain in the first place so my periods are just "normal" now? So frustrating.

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I sympathise, it took me ages to feel "right" again. I'd been on the pill for over 10 years when I decided to go off it for a while before my hubby and I started trying to conceive. The first few cycles were ok, but then things just started going haywire and my cycles were all over the place, and pain was off the charts! I found the doctors pretty useless, they just told me to either take painkillers or go back on the pill.

The things that helped me were seeing a naturopath and getting acupuncture, as well as trying my hardest to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet (following the principles of AIP / Paleo works best for me, but just reducing sugar, dairy, and wheat makes a big difference). It took about 4 months to get my cycles under control and now they're pretty consistent :-)

Supplementing magnesium really helped me too. I take a powder as well as use a topical spray. It really helps you sleep better and improve energy, but also helps a lot with the pain.

Good luck! xx


Wow thanks so much for replying! Will deffs try these suggestions, thank you :) xx

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You're welcome! They're just what worked for me, but hopefully they're helpful for you too! Good luck! xx


I understand how your feeling. After diagnosis of endo at Christmas my gyne wanted to give me the mirena. I'd previously had the copper coil so was very reluctant so she put me on the mini pill. I wasn't too happy about that either due to being on the pill when I was younger. I came off the pill in April after persevering for 4 months. It made me feel really down and my periods were all over the place after being pretty regular. I eventually stopped after I bled for 3 weeks and I thought enough is enough. So now I'm on the waiting list to have a mirena fitted. My GP and my gyne tried to insert it but because my pelvis is tilted due to endo neither could get it in so I just got to wait now until I get the appointment. I suggest you do persevere, it does take a little while to settle. Good luck with it. Xx

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I had irregular periods (and much lighter periods) which I put down to ovarian cysts. I haven't used birth control pills in years because they alter my brain chemistry.

I agree with the previous reply re. switching to a low-inflammation diet. The thing I found overwhelmingly effective for balancing my hormones and regulating my periods was quitting caffeine. Caffeine messes with hormones. If you Google it, you'll be able to read about the link between the two.

Good luck! x

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