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Endometriosis caused small bowel blockage

I recently had to have quite a major operation due to endometriosis adhesion's causing a small (upper) bowel blockage, which involved me having 6 inches of bowel removed, leaving me with an 11-12 inch scar from top to bottom of my tummy.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I am currently on Norethisterone to keep the endo at bay and stop periods, as 18 months ago I had a failed hysterectomy op as I have a frozen pelvis, the endo has fused my bowel, bladder & everything together. This resulted in only one ovary being removed which had an 11cm chocolate cyst.

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Sorry to hear you've been through all that. I'm awaiting 3rd lap and due to have colonoscopy cos of bleeding from my rectum and not being able to go to loo. I fear I may have similar thing to you going on. Did you have to have a colostomy?how are your endo symptoms now? I hope they have improved. I imagine it's been quite difficult getting used to seeing that scar. I hope you find lots of support on here.


Hi. Thank you for your reply. Hope you are getting on ok. I was lucky not to have a colostomy. Everything seems to be healing fine 4 1/2 weeks now. Getting out for walks. Seen my GP who has referred me back to a gynae, as when they could not carry out a hysterectomy they just discharged me with no follow ups even though endo was not seen to. Just a case of have a coil, take the pill or have an injection! So I am now on a list at a different hospital, see what they offer me .


Hi, glad to hear you're healing up well. I had my colonoscopy yesterday and all was clear except massive haemorrhoids!!! Very glamorous! Strange because bleeding def is cyclical. Relieved its not bowel ca. Appt in 2 weeks to see what they'll do next. Are you near London? I've been pretty pleased with uclh endo centre so far and staff yesterday were nice too.


Can I ask what your symptoms are, without wanting to be personal. I have been given the coil which has helped but I still have issues with my bowel and passing stools and feel like bits of lower pelvis are stuck together; it feels like a plaster inside me which sometimes when I apply heat or do something feels like it peels away. I am just nervous my bowels are being damaged and the coil is masking symptoms. I am in a lot of pain tonight and also have bad nausea constantly as a result of it.


I had endo for quite a few years. Attempted hysterctomy failed. I was on Norethisterone, as it was one of the few options given when I was discharged totally from the first hospital that dealt with me. For some time after my attempted hysterectomy & oopherectomy (just one ovary) for a year / 18 months I had quite severe cramps in the sternum / stomach between ribs, like someone was gripping my insides, then holding tight & twisting them down inside. They would come & go, but I would feel really tired.

Everything seemed to be plodding along ok, until one early morning I felt like I had a bad tummy bug. I was ill. Thought it was a gastro thing. After putting up with it over a weekend, and going from one extreme of stomach upset to nothing at all (no wind, or nothing) I had been experiencing bad cramps that doubled me over, and I have a high pain threshold, as when I had appendix removed I didn't take pain killers before my op.

I had already seen a GP at the local hospital, so it got to 2am on a Monday morning, and I could not move. They sent an ambulance for me to be admitted to hospital. I was there 5 days with a bowel blockage with the consulatant telling me it was a tricky op if they had to do it (they already had a tube up my nose & into my stomach).

They discharged me, telling me the blockage had gone! (Not!)

The very next day, I was with my GP, my stomach as huge as ever, with him calling another hospital to get me a bed. Thank goodness he did. I had 6" bowel resection and the best care ever at Hull Royal Infirmary. That was nearly two years ago. Now I am back on a gynae register. On Prostap & Livial. Fingers crossed, all ok. xx


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