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Starting to worry this 'flare' might be something more sinister and Myself and GP are being too quick to assume just worsened endo symptoms!

So I've now been bleeding for almost a month an a half. I've been taking my combined pill back to back with no breaks throughout. I'm in a lot of pain but it's in areas I suffered with when endo was bad pre surgery. It's more non stop now though and I seem to be awake in the night in pain more than usuall (before even if I was in pain of I slept id be fine) the bleeding is still fairly heavy and has worsened in the last week or so. The problem is I've been throwing up and been in a constant pit of it daze, mind blocks. Feeling like I could pass out even when sitting / laying down. The fatigue has been unreal.

The problem is, being at home worrying about it is possibly causing me to overthink, I know that all these things are syptoms of endo so am I being irrational to worry something worse could be overlooked because I'm already diagnosed with endo?

Any opinions would be amazing xx

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If your worried go back to your Gp and ask for blood tests and explain your thoughts to them, I get where your coming from, just because one thing as been diagnosed it dosnt rule out other things, it all sounds like endo, but I would go put my mind at rest,

Good luck, xxx


Thanks lovely, I had blood tests not around the 3 weeks ok bleeding stage and they said nothing looked sinister but I didn't know how much bloods could rule out, and yeah that's exactly my worry, pretty much whenever something's wrong with me I put it down to endo, I just hope it's not dangerous to do so xx


I've struggled with back pain for years now and it started coming round the front I always put it down to back trouble, but now think it was the other way round and the back pain was part of the pelvic pain, xx


When was your last operation? I was taking the pill back to back for two years after an operation and then it all flared up again with breakthrough bleeding and pain. Had another operation a few weeks ago, and the endo was back and everywhere along with adhesions and my ovaries being stuck down. The fatigue (so im told) is your body's way of coping with the pain. I don't think I've ever slept so much in the last three months, more so since my last operation. Sorry, your post sounded a lot like mine in terms of what's happening to you, I would definitely get back to your GP or consultant to look into it. x


Thankyou for replying :) um it's not even been a year yet hun, it was May so 8-9 months ago xx


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