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Busy busy busy = pain pain pain

Hi everyone, so it's the half term again, been running around for 2 days now, Monday sat for 3 hours on uncomfortable chairs at a soft play place and yesterday drove to a ski slop only 30mins away and stood watching the boys wiz down a fake snow hill, on a rubber ring, all very lovely, but it's resulted in me feeling like crap again this morning,

Why does it play up so much after such little activity, last year I would have been wiping down the hill with them,

I feel like an onlooker in my own life, I have 3 very active sons, thankfully, they are all old enough to look after there selfs to a certain degree, I don't no how you ladies with small children cope, I take my hat off to you, I'm just the cabbie now not actually a participant in the activities, we where going to go to the woods today with the dog, but I think that is just one more thing I'll have to let them down on, keep letting people down and cancelling plans gets very tiresome and upsetting,

Please hurry up with my appointment I soo desperately need to now what's happening in my body, keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me that I'll get that all important phone call to book me in for my laporosopy, and finally I'll know what's wronged with me, xxxx

Enjoy your day ladies

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Hi tboag, it's really hard dealing with constant pain and exhaustion. What pain relief do you take? Sadly the really strong painkillers make you feel very woozy and then you can't drive. Have you tried taking paracetamol and nurofen 2 of each sometimes works. Some sat buscopan works. Keep calling and bug them about your appointment and say you will take a cancellation. Hope you manage to enjoy half term xx


Thank you, I've been given morphine tabs, as the tramadol was keeping me awake at night, I can take paracetamol too, just got my date 21st march,


Happy you have your date!!! Have you had any scans or ultrasounds at all. Could ask your gp for blood test to check for vit b12 and anaemia deficiency also check thyroid can all make you feel really tired and unwell Which doesn't help with having endo and pain. Take care x


Hi, Victoria, I've had a few ct scans an X-ray, internal and abdominal ulrosounds, colposcopy they found a kidney stone but nothing else, I then had lithotripsy and a systoscopy, blood ect, nothing's shown up,


Just to say I'm really happy for you that you have your date!


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