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Possible endometriosis

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Hi Ladies,

I'm currently battling with my GP to get further tests done for endometriosis, I have already had an ultrasound and that came back clear. I'm 22 and I had been on the contraceptive implant since I was 14, and I have just had my 3rd one removed (with alot of complications) as my GP was adamant that it was my implant causing my symptoms.

I have had chronic back and pelvic pain for over a year now, bad cramps that make me cripple up in pain on the floor and very heavy bleeding with lots of blood clots. My periods are also very irregular and if I'm not bleeding I'll have really dark brown thick/stringy discharge.

Since my last implant was removed my symptoms have been getting worse and my GP just keeps telling me to wait and see if my body settles, when I've been fighting and waiting for over a year now! It took 3 nurses to get my implant out and all of them agreed that my symptoms sound more like endo and can't understand why I haven't been referred by now.

Can anyone recommend any advice? How do I keep pushing and getting them to refer me? What are the next steps? Thank you in advance! x

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Hey, sorry to hear this. Write down every symptom you have, every pain, anything different. Anything you have tried. You know your body! Don't give up, pester them if need be! Don't suffer in silence

Speak to a different GP, do a list of what you’ve gone through and don’t take no as an answer for a referral. Your surgery, if you’re in the UK, will have an econsult (or similar name) form on their website, I’d recommend filling this out as a referral, it’s then in writing and less likely to say no. Putting things in black and white means more to them in the way of come back. They normally get back to you very quickly with these as well.

Good luck 🙂


I'm knew here and 24 but in the same position as you. Ive started using the app Clue to track my periods and you can make tags so I rate the pain out of 10. You can also track mood, period, stools, pain and exsercise etc. I use that as my evidence at the GP and always call so its recorded. I've just got a referral after 4 years!!!

Hey, I went through a similar thing and it took years to finally get a referral. What worked for me in the end was asking again and when they said no, I asked them to write on my medical record that they denied it and the reasons it was denied. Got my referral!

Keep fighting for yourself, you know your body best.

Good luck xx

Thankyou everyone! I will definitely start a period/pain diary and keep pestering my GP, all they have offered me at the moment is different types of contraception to try and stop the heavy bleeding and pain (which I have already tried before) so I will keep pestering, thank you again!x

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