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Please can someone advise me on pain relief

Hi ladies

Im having can bad time with my pain as much as I don't want to take meds I feel I need too ( the natural route is a process and the pains too much now)

Iv had amitriptiline that makes me feel like a zombie iv had codeine no good for this pain. Iv had paracetamol ibuprofen 600mg and tramadol helped but made me crazy. What's the next thing that can help I'm seeing gp at 3 and any suggestions that will help I'll be great full for Im not bothered about going dazed I'll go stay with family I can't bare to not sleep I feel physically sick and my right leg doesn't feel like my leg anymore. Aswwel as pelvic back usual areas thanks ladies

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Are you putting the trying on hold whilst this gets sorted out? Its a bit limiting what you can take when TTC- my GP said I can take over the paracetamol or if that doesn't work then over the counter co- codmol. I know some ladies have had quick release morphin prescribed for endo pain. When my endo was undiagnosed the strongest pain killer my GP would prescribe was tramadol- I was in so much pain my trying went on hold. I had bowel issues with co- codmol but tramadol didn't affect my bowels.

All the best with your appointment I hope your GP can give you something to ease the pain. xoxo


No Jess I just need something v for these next 7- 10 days. My pain is too much I can't take tramadol itcsends me crazy iv been taking paracetamol with the 600mg ibuprofen. It's not helping. I can't sleep or eat and I have to cave in and get some meds to help my right leg is killing. All I want is one more kid and they get rip it all out then I can't think about trying now just need to get on top of pain once period finishes I'll hopefully feel better xx


Acupuncture is the way forward if ya can afford it.where are you from?? It does take a few goes to notice improvement of symptoms.

Heat.patches.bath.tens machine.


I'm from Leeds all these things I'm going to do I like the look of acupuncture heat patches are no good I'm having to boil my kettle every half hour for hot water bottle. My pain is a 8-9 I can't eat or sleep. I need something to get me through these next 7-10 days I'm only spotting I feel like screaming every time I move 💗🤗😘


It's so tough isn't it finding the balance between controlling your pain and trying to conceive-I'm in a similar situation. I have found anti-inflammatories the best painkillers-i find mefenamic acid better than ibuprofen. However anti inflammatories including ibuprofen can inhibit ovulation so best avoided around mid cycle in particular. I have t found any of the other drugs like codeine or tramadol particularly help me. I have accupuncture which I think helps a bit but you must make sure your practitioner knows you are TTC as this will affect which needle areas are safe to use. I also find changing my diet helps-I have found Jessica murnane's book called one part plant helpful as well as deliciously Ella. If the pain is this bad is it worth considering laparoscopy to treat some of the endo? This can increase your chance of conceiving a small amount too. Hormone treatments for pain are out when TTC. Speak to your GP-I hope they are on the ball and understand endo as some have little experience. Are you under a gynaecologist?


Hi hun. I don't even normally take meds. I just want something to help me through this spottingvand period. I'm changing my diet I'm looking to do a big body cleanse then at least that will rid of all toxins then I'm not putting Good on top of bad I feel this is why I still suffer with fatigue. All I want is something to get rid or put it down to a 2-3 level so I can go up to my mums and sleep I haven't slept for a few nights now and it's getting to me my legs particularly my right is killing. Tramadol sends me crazy the gp mentioned in may something about a morphine patch but because I went crazy on tramadol said he'd prescribe it as and when the thing is I'm seeing a different gp now but she's nice I seen her when I was pregnant. I don't even know what vto do I just don't want to end up in a n e I just want something now to help and the natural route is still my first and foremost iv just had to cave in because it's literally killing me it's not fair on my little girl seeing me like this. Pulling her Dr kit out trying to make mummy better it breaks my heart. 💗😘🤗


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