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Help on getting a diagnosis for Endometriosis?

I'm 22 now and have been having various problems with periods and stomach pains since I was 15. I have been told by a few doctors that it could be Endometriosis but they have been very reluctant to diagnose and have instead put me on contraceptives to ease the symptoms. I finally had an ultrasound scan last month and they found a large cyst on my ovary. When I spoke to my GP she said if it is endometriosis then they can only tell by giving me a laparoscopy and told me this isn't a good idea and to just wait and see what happens. I just wondered if anybody has any advice for pushing for a diagnosis or even just some information? Thank you.

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I am no medical expert... but I can't understand why getting a firm diagnosis is a bad idea? It was the best thing for me as it gave me something to work with once I knew what my body was doing and I had my lap in July. I would absolutely push for a diagnosis!

I hope it all works out :)


Thanks so much for your reply. I have tried pushing but was told a lap was unnecessary and invasive because there was a high chance it wouldn't show up endo? It seems that my age has been a barrier throughout the process.


My situation is EXACTLY the same only that because I've had a previous (non related) op that cause scar tissue to my bowel they don't want to dive straight in for a lap. It's annoying as im now on the rigevidon pill for 3 months and have to then see how my symptoms are like afterwards. That was it. I'm still suffering and I just don't know how to push for it either. Pppppfffftttttt x


It is so frustrating. I was put on the pill at 15 then the implant at 18 and my GP seems to think that's the answer. I still get pain (not so regularly) but I'm still in agony a lot of the time. I don't know what I'm supposed to do when I decide to come off contraceptives. I hope you manage to get somewhere. I also don't know how to convince GP x


.Hi J1991

I started having painful periods at the age of 14. They were so extreme that I would often scream in agony. The symptoms eased up for a few years, then returned with a vengeance. I was always back and forth to my GP, who put me on the conceptive pill at 16 in order to help relieve the pain. I stayed on this for a few years. My periods remained painful and I was often in the doctor’s surgery informing them of the pain but to no avail. I was then reluctantly put on mefenamic acid, which in my personal situation helped relieve the pain for a short while. I ended up leaving the doctor surgery I was with because they were not taking my condition / situation seriously. I found that I had the same problem with my new doctors. Only by chance and the by the grace of God, that I had a locum doctor in the day I went for 1 of my appointments, after a 2 minute consultation (unlike the begging and pleading consultations from my previous GP practice) he referred me for a scan!!!!!!!! It was then that a 10com cyst was found on my ovary!!! and some spots of endo on my bowel and near ovary.

I am not sure why your DR is dismissing the idea of a laparoscopy. Maybe they are concerned of the possibility of scar adhesions every time they conduct that procedure. I had it done and I wish to God I had not!! 2 years later I am in pain from the surgery. (a post for another forum)

I wish you all the best


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