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Hi Everyone - a little worried about bleeding

Hi all

Can I firstly say I've skimmed a few posts and already can identify with you all.

Ok my post is lengthy but you need to understand full history:

I was diagnosed in 2011 and had surgery in July 2012 which was a success. I was taking Yasmin pill and having a break every 3 months, they told me not too, but it didn't feel right not having a break.

Decided in December 2013 to come off the pill and try and conceive naturally. Consultant heavily suggested I go straight to IVF. I stupidly listened to boyfriend and tried the natural route.

In September 2014 I saw consultant after a pelvic scan. He told me the endo had come back in new areas and was blocking my right tube, so IVF needed to happen immediately. Then in October the b******* broke up with me.

I went back on the pill in November and I have not had a break.

Today marks the 14th day that I've bled. Started out very crampy and painful for first two days, then it subsided and after three more days no pain, but still bleeding. It fluctuates between light to medium and it's driving me nuts.

It's stressing me out. I'm stressed overall as I wanted a baby, I'm self employed and it's going all wrong and last month I lost a cousin to cancer. I don't know if all these things are a factor; hence why I'm letting you all all know the whole story.

Has anyone experienced anything remotely similar and can anyone advise?

I am seeing the consultant on the 25th Feb, thank God I made an appointment last year when I went back on pill.

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It's probably just because you haven't had a break. I was told either take 3 packets then have a break. Or if I started bleeding to break then for 7 days. But maybe just go see ya gp and get checked out.


Hi, I was taking the pill continuously and still having a full blown period. The consultant is trying me on prostap now instead. He told me it was the endo causing it.

Try not to worry too much and have a chat with your GP <3


Hi both.

Thanks for the responses.

I saw my GP a week ago and she freely admitted to not even knowing about this as its gynae issue! She was the emergency doctor I don't know if that's why. She had said to stop, but because of her overall flakiness, I didn't want to take on board what she said, as she couldn't understand why the consultant had told me to take Yasmin back to back in the first place! She had no clue about endo.

So as I'm seeing consultant on 25th, I thought I should just continue...

Today it's noticeably heavier. Should I stop for 7??


I would stop for 7 as thats what I was advised when I was back to backing the pill. I was told that eventually I would get a bleed. To stop for 7 when the bleed started and then start the next pack.

Just also wanted to say that it sounds like you've been through a terrible time and I really hope things start to improve. X


Thanks hunni. I'm trying, I keep telling myself there's people out ther going through worse

So I'm on day 8 of my pill pack. Will that make things even more complicated if I stop now?


When did you start your bleed? I'm no expert but I think you would just throw away the current pack regardless of how many days you've taken. Leave it 7 days and start the next. X


I started spotting on the 3 Feb. My natural period would've been around this time by the way.

Well I've decided to just take the break for 7 days, either way bleeding is getting heavier instead of lighter


It sounds like you have had a lot of stress in the recent past and that may be a contributing factor. I find when I am stressed I can bleed (flood more than bleed) for weeks on end sometimes, and I just have to sleep more and try to look after myself .

I don't know about the Yasmin pill as I've never taken it, maybe you might be able to email your endo consultant or speak through their secretary to ask advice in the meantime?


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