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Am due to have my second lap down this week. First one was nearly 2 years ago and was diagnosed with endo 3 years ago.

My Gyno has said that during the Lap they now laser of the endo instead of burning which was what was done the first time. This means that it is less likely to come back. Has anyone had this or any experience with this.



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Lazer is burning the endo off but it only takes the top of the tissue off i am getting my first lap in a few weeks after waiting over 10 years to be diagnosed and treated i am getting excision which is cutting it out which is said to be the best as it gives longer lasting pain free hope all goes well for you.


If he is a endo specialist he probable I'd doing excision, like Jenf said its the best way because they cut it from the root, where as laser or burning only does top, and is more likely to come back, I hope you have misheard him, it's alot to take in, isn't it, I've got my first lap in March, and he will use excision if anything is found, good luck and a speedy recovery xxx


I'm having my third lap on Thursday. They are doing laser on me if they have to but that's because we are trying for a baby and the less he has to do the better chance my ivf will have of working.

Does the other method leave more scare tissue maybe?

Good luck for Thursday x


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