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Feeling hopelesss

Hello lovely ladies. I'm just out the hospital since sun with severe pain and feeling like I was going to explode down below - not sure if anyone else has experienced this? Anyway, as this has been ongoing for a long time now, I've been provisionally diagnosed with endo. I'm seeing my gyno on Monday to arrange a lap as the doc suspect that my ovary is maybe stuck to my pelvic wall.

I had an ultra sound performed (in another department, not gyne) and they couldn't see anything suspect. When she touched my left ovary though, I was almost through the roof - it really was agony. The lady doing the scan said that this again pointed to endo.

Having spoken to another doc in gyne, she said the a lap would only let them see what was going on and that it really wasn't going to change anything and that I need to "work through the pain" and not let it affect my life. I don't know how I don't let it affect me when I feel the world is going to fall out from me - sorry to be graphic.

She also said that a lap normally does more harm than good. This has left me feeling hopeless as I've been waiting to be referred for ages. Going to see what my gyne says on monday, but just wondered about everyone elses' experiences. Feeling totally hopeless at the moment and not sure how I'm going to live the rest of my life with this pain and this horrible pressure feeling xxx

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Hello KM1986.

I was sorry to read that you have been in hospital. I was taken by ambulance 12 days ago with a leaking chocolate cyst. I spent 3 nights in hospital on IV antibiotics.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 20+ years ago. The disease does effect my life and things that I can do ( due to fatigue and pain) but I do not let endometriosis control or take over my life!

A laparoscopy is the only definitive way to diagnose endometriosis. So that is a definite request for you to say at your appointment next week.

Only an incompetent doctor (male I bet?) would say you've got to work through the pain. You need to be prescribed pain relief that gives you a break from the pain. Maybe speak to your GP ASAP.

If and when you are diagnosed with endometriosis, there are a number of treatments you can try. Unfortunately there is no cure for endometriosis ( don't let anyone tell you a hysterectomy will cure you..... It won't!) but there are things that can be used to improve your symptoms and your life.

This is a great forum and we all support each other, share information & experiences and sometimes even have a laugh!

Feel free to ask anything.


Barbara x


P. s here is a link to the Endo site


Also a great book is called. "Endometriosis for dummies"

Best wishes,

Barbara x


There are lots of options to manage the pain. The more information you have, and that includes a definitive diagnosis, the more you can start to take control. Unfortunately finding the most effective way of managing the condition and the pain is often trial and error but putting up and working through is not a solution. Good luck with your appointment.

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Thanks guys. At the moment, I'm "managing" my pain with tramadol, paracetamol and dihyracodine - but this isn't how I want to be living my life. The pills all kind of keep the pain down, but nothing seems to get rid of this horrible pressure feeling - like there's someone inside me blowing up a balloon.

Barbara it wasn't a male doc actually it was a very young female doctor - I was so insulted. Thank you for your reply. Fingers crossed the lap won't be long xxx


Hi there, I was in terrible pain last month and even my Paracetamol and Codeine wasn't working which normally does. I started having anxiety attacks and depression too really badly and my wonderful doctor has put me on Cymbalta/Duloxetin which has made a massive difference just in 4 weeks. When I need pain relief now I only need half my normal dose of Codeine to manage the pain. I currently live abroad and am seeing my new consultant tomorrow as my old one said there was no need for Laparoscopy diagnosis as my symptoms were classic Endo and my GP doesn't feel this is satisfactory when I am in so much pain. So I hope his English is good because I don't know how I will explain everything in French. ;0). Hope you get some relief soon. Big hugs xx


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