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Painkillers? (Not ibuprofen)

Hi all, hope you are well.

I was wondering if anyone could advise me on painkillers? My doctor just keeps saying ibuprofen but while that may help a headache or a stiff muscle, this chronic, deep rooted and constantly churning endo pain is untouchable. Its such a deep rooted pain, the thought of taking ibuprofen is laughable, I don't even bother anymore.

The pain I'm talking about isn't even that agonising and scary period pain that makes me vomit and faint, its the pain I feel for the remainder of the month, that slow burning, deep rooted pain.

Is anyone on anything that gets through to this pain? Painkillers are not even close.

K xx

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Hi :)

I found naproxen ok for a few months as long as I took 1000mg twice a day.mefanic acid doesn't help, co codomol 30mg was ok but made me a bit gloomy. Told the Dr that a couple of cocodomol and couple of ibuprofen with a bit of red wine helps but he wasn't impressed!! Had mirena fitted to try and see if that helps but so far not that great. I think I read that diclofenac is supposed to be good. Good luck x



I went last week and asked for something stronger. I have been given diclofenac. It didn't touch the pain at first, but I think it needs to build up a bit in your system. However, I have heard on here that it is linked to heart and stroke issues and a friend told me that it should be taken with another tablet to protect your stomach lining!!! I think it's actually very hard to find something thar you can take in the long term but it is worth talking to your GP, or another one?! I'd like a tank of gas and air ideally!! X


I do find ibuprofen helps but only if I take it along with paracetamol. they're quite effective for me if i take them together. I also take codeine occasionally in addition to these if the pain is really bad but only if I can stay in the house because they make me drowsy and a bit spaced out.


Hi Kalmillar, I am unable to take ibuprofen due to acid reflux, which I'm on daily meds for. I have been prescribed both Codeine 30 mg and Tramodol, to be taken along with paracetamol. I found the codeine and parats ok for pain, but make you a bit spaced out. Tramodol doesn't touch the pain for me....just makes me tired x


Brufen never worked for me either but naproxin which us similar helped ,it's harsh in the stomach though


Codhydromol and oramorph for me if I can't settle xx


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