How many painkillers do you take in a month on average?

I need painkillers almost every day for around 3 weeks in a month. I generally take ibuprofen and tylenol. Some days I am able to manage with a couple of 400 mg ibuprofens, some days I need the maximum dosage. During my periods and ovulation, even the max dosage doesn't cut it and I need stronger medications. Lately I have been reading a lot of scare-mongering articles about the side effects of these medications and I am worried that I am making my endo worse by taking them everyday. But life without painkillers for me is not worth living. Does anybody else feel the same? How many painkillers do you take on average? And how long have you been taking those?

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  • I feel exactly the same as you Poorni. But have decided that as i cannot function without them at this time they are a necessary evil. To be honest i struggle on them, so cannot consider not taking themas much as i hate it. Every day i take 8 tramadol 8 paracetamol 3 mefanemic acid. I have stage 4 endo and have severe pain everyday. You are def not alone in this but we have lives and relationships that we want to maintain and i feel taking pain relief for me is a way of managing my pain.


  • You are so right. That's what I tell myself everytime but after the pain subsides a bit, the guilt starts :( What wouldn't I do for a life without pain.....

  • Hi,

    most days I am taking ibuprofen 400mg 2-3 times a day, buscopan 1 three times a day, paracetamol 2 tablets or cocodamol; anything from 8/500 or 15/500 depending on the pain.

    I have been on this since I had shoulder problem in jan 13, then I had endo diagnosed in june 14, just as much shoulder was better.

    I dont like taking so many but its necesaary to get on with life for me.

  • I am so sorry you have to go through all this pain. I hate taking too many painkillers too, and sometimes I try to grit my teeth and bear the pain but always give up after a while and take them. I think we should just accept that we need help, do what we can to minimize the side effects and stop beating ourselves over it.

  • I know that feeling exactly, I take Naproxen 375 off period or Naproxen 550 the week before my period, during and 3 days after.

    Naproxen can cause infertility with long term use but it's my only choice since nothing else works for my pain.

    I used to be able to pop 1advil a few months ago and it would cover the pain but not anymore.

    Still on Naproxen 550 I have moments where I'll scream but it's better then being off because my pain is at 10 when I'm off it and I faint or throw up. But off of Naproxen I couldn't even go to school 2 weeks for every month and now I can't go for just 3 days.

  • I being a natural enthusiast don't like taking pills but now I've realized I have to.

    I heard if you take painkillers before the pain starts they work better.

    A form of over the counter Naproxen is Aleeve.

    Advil and Tylenol never helped me with endo pain before it got bad but what did was midol, you can get no name brand versions too. Midol helped me with bloating and cramps and nausea.

  • I hear you. I hope that you will be able to find a better solution before you reach the stage of "long term use" as it sounds like you just started it recently. I guess the best thing is to accept what we cannot change and do our best with the situation. I cannot get Midol in India but my friend is coming back from Canada soon and I have asked her to bring me loads of Midol extra strength. I am actually looking forward to receiving painkillers as a gift, how tragic is that :(

  • I understand, one time for a birthday present I asked for a heating pad because it's in shape of a cat:(

    You can't even get no name midol?

    I hope they'll bring midol to India because it was amazing when I could take it, maybe you can get it online, I'm not sure how shipping is but hopefully they'll let you in the future:(

    I'll be doing pelvic physiotherapy soon for endo symptoms since I heard it can help. Also I used to belly dance and do yoga and it kept cramps at bay, I just haven't been able to do any for 3 months.

    I hope you find a good method for pain relief too. :)

  • Another name for midol in Pamprin, that's something I used when I couldn't find midol.

  • Oh well, at least a heat pad in the shape of a cat is cute. Thank you for the info. I checked for Pamprin too and it's not available either :( I will ask my doctor next time when I see her for maybe a generic drug with same ingredients. I am planning to start yoga too, I hope it will help. I am doing so many things, trying so many things...its like dealing with endo has become a full time job that I am doing really badly. I hadn't heard of pelvic physiotherapy, I will check it out. I really hope it works for you and you are able to enjoy life the way you are meant to.

  • Thanks :)

    Pelvic physiotherapy is for strengthening, lengthening, and stretching the pelvic floor, people with endo tend to have tense muscles because the body tenses when it's in pain, also one symptom of mine is pelvic spasming which I've heard can be relieved if the muscles are loosened then strengthed properly.

    Yoga the first few times can be hard but don't give up because after its a lot easier.

  • Thank you, I will check it out. And I will try my best not to give up :) xx

  • I love Midol for pain, bloating and nausea. It works well for me and I have stage 4 Endo! Hope you feel better.

  • Thank you, I hope it works for me too. Take care of yourself.

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