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Nerve pain - painkillers

Hello 😁

Does anyone take nerve painkillers? I have got adhesions and getting really bad nerve pain down my legs, does anyone have this and find the nerve painkillers help?

Thanks in advance xx

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I haven’t been prescribed any nerve painkillers but one of my main symptoms is pain down my legs and I use one diclofenac suppository when I start feeling it and it works within 20 mins x


Thanks for the reply. Yeah it’s going down my thighs and has been affecting when I walk and drive sometimes. Is that like what you get? I am waiting for surgery but until then I think I might need some more meds. I’ve had diclofenic after my previous surgeries so might be worth me mentioning to them about it. X


Yeah it’s horrendous it goes down into my feet sometimes aswell it’s really uncomfortable. Definately ask I don’t know if oral diclofenac would be the same but the suppositories are really good even though there horrible x


Hi there!

As a last resort from my docter while I'm still undiagnosed, He prescribed me Lyrica/Pregabalin. I'm pretty sure this is a nerve blocker I hope this is what you mean.

Personally it has done nothing for me. Though I have heard story's from lucky ladies who in which it has helped.

Best of luck xxx!


Hello 😊

Ah yeah I’ve had that before but for something else. That’s what I had in mind that could maybe help but I wasn’t sure how people have found it. Are you waiting for a laparoscopy? X


Yep, booking in for the 26th of June.

Can only hope they find something.


Ok similar time to mine probably. I am just waiting for a date in June hopefully. The consultant is calling me next week with dates. I hope they find something for you to be able to get treatment and relief - although not having this is nice, least we know where we stand with treatment and looking after ourselves! X


Very true, thank you and back at you. Take care xxx


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