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26 weeks pregnant with endometriosis pain!


I'm just wondering if anyone else is suffering, or has suffered and can maybe share their experience as I am worried about what the outcome is going to be.

Soo I have suffered from endometriosis on and of since I was 14 years old, I have had 3 laposcopys along with a few courses of zolidex. My and my fiancé have been tried for 6 year to conceive and with the help of fertility treatment (climid) we are 26 weeks pregnant 😍with our 2nd son, and I still can't believe I have been so lucky to be given the chance to be a mammy again.

Unfortunately, I have been suffering from endometriosis pain since I was about 7 weeks pregnant (Dispite the doctor saying it was not endometriosis). I was admitted to hospital at 7 weeks due to the pain where I was observed and give morphine. I was sent home with a prescription for oral morphine and I am still needing to take it most days. I have since been rushed back to hospital (once in an ambulance, very embarrassing&#128563 Thinking I was going into labour, luckily this was not the case and out little miracle is still growing inside.

I am so worried about the effect the drugs are having on my sons growth, and whether or not i go full term? as an endo sufferer I am aware there is a 33% chance of premature birth anyway but does this increase? When born, our son is probably going to be addicted, if I need to keep taking the meds and then there is the withdrawals.....

I already feel so guilty for giving him such a hard start in life.

I have so many questions but my consultant just says not to worry, they will deal with everything when he is here. Can anyone relate to any of this??

Thanks in advance x x

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I can't imagine what your going through hun. I know how I'd be feeling if I was you. Bless ya. I'm sure the consultant is right they will have things in place for this type of thing. The added stress isn't going to help yous.

I haven't been through this or know anyone that has I would just keep asking them can they do something else for the pain maybe try to start weening you off the morphine now. If you could bare that then maybe things won't be as intense when bubu is here. I didn't know about the premature statistics my daughter was over due. Really hope you get this sorted soon hun. Sorry couldn't offer you any help just didn't want to read and run 💗🤗😘

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Aww thanks for your reply. I am not addicted to the oramoph, I worry about that my self so if or when I have a good day, I didn't take any medication, the happened last week, on Saturday night, but next day I ended up back at hospital cos the pain was so bad,. If I'm feeling ok ish, I don't bother taking the meds but them occasions are few and far between! It is a difficult situation 🤔


Don't worry too much hun. They'll keep an eye on you and bubz and I hope your pain eases soon bless ya. Sending big hugs hun 💗🤗😘

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I also had very severe pain while pregnant. My endo was v bad before I got pregnant ( it was a frozen embryo transfer ) but instead of any improvement in the pain it got worse.

I have since found out that this can be because the endo weakens and effects the uterosacral ligament which holds up the uterus. As the uterus gets heavier the pressure on the ligament increases and so does the pain :-(

I was already on fentanyl patches and paracetamol before I got pregnant. I was hoping to stop them but ended up staying on them throughout my pregnancy.

My daughter was born by elective c section at 38+ weeks. They monitored her closely but she showed no signs of withdrawal from the fentanyl ( I breastfed so she still got some through my milk) and is now a feisty 2 and 1/2 year old. She is meeting all her milestones and seems none the worse for it.

Have you got a belly belt? Supporting your bump may help a bit.

I came off the fentanyl when did was about 4 months old, and am still bf.

Take care of yourself,


Thanks for your reply. I have an appointment with a physio as I'm having to use a wheelchair, I'm struggling to walk due to the pain and I'm stooped over so I will ask about a belly belt then.


Ps I remember at 27 weeks crying all over my midwife as the pain was so bad. But as I got further on the pain lessened a bit. It may be as I have severe scarring my bump isn't much of a bump so once the uterus reached a certain size it became more supported from the front. But it did improve a bit, so hopefully will do for you too, especially if you use a bump support all the time :-)

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