13 year old pain menstrual cycles 7 months

13 year old pain menstrual cycles 7 months, the provider have put my little girl on Norethindrone and Estradiol. The Norethindrone was supposed to stop her periods and it did for 1 day. This was Wednesday she started Norethindrone, Thursday no period, Friday heavy period, Saturday no period, Sunday heavy period and it is Tuesday evening and she is still heavy.

Went to the Pediatric GYN today and an Ultrasound was done and it showed a really thin lining, the GYN said possible Endometriosis.

I have several concerns

1. Is the medication prescribed too much?

2. How can it be Endometriosis with a very thin lining?

3. What are the treatment for a 13 year old?

4. How can I help my 13 year old daughter?

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  • How many periods has she had? (In years) The lining of the womb builds up over time. Also on birth control the lining will be thinned.

    Its odd their giving her estrogen too normally they just perscribe progesterone or the combination pill. That's not a lot of medication and if she does have endometriosis you don't want her to have periods since that will only make it grow.

    You could push for laproscopy to diagnosis her but teh only treatment for endometriosis is surgery, painkillers, and hormonal contraceptives or side therpies such as change in diet and physiotherapy.

  • 13 periods total since July. I forgot to mention she was placed on birth control in July.

    She started her period April 2015 and was regular until this year July

  • I would get her hormones and thyroid tested but it's too late now that she's on birth control, thyroid might work though.

  • We did the blood test today for all the above

  • But she been on the pill for a few days her hormones may be different because of that, high estrogen is a sign of endo. High testosterone is a sign of PCOS

  • Oh okay thanks for all the good information

  • My advice would be, gather as much information as possible, and ask your gp to refer her to a bsge specialist centre, she shouldn't be given any more estrogen has this is the hormone that feeds endometreosis,


  • I agree my gynaecologist won't put me on anything containing estrogen as it does feed endometriosis there is ways like change in diet or to be put on pill that doesn't contain estrogen also I would take ur daughter to gp and push for referral to a bsge centre as suspect endometriosis this will only be confirmed by laprostopy but u always find with gps that tend to use hormone contraception before they will do anything else laprostopys tend to only be used if everything else has failed to work as this was the case with me xx

  • Re. Norethindrone and Estradiol, at 13 I was put on the pill to deal with problem periods (vomiting, pain, diarrhea, heavy blood loss), I was also prescribed ponstan which was largely ineffective. By my early 20s I had stage 4 disease with bowel involvement. I have since had 4 surgeries, several uncomfortable procedures, 2 courses of prostap inducing menopause and can't take anti-inflammatories as I was prescribed so many at a young age. Having something more heavy duty if endo is suspected is advised esp. if symptoms occur in a young girl as surgery wouldn't be appropriate until late teens at the earliest. It's important to address it and prevent as much damage as possible.

    I think the drugs are worth a shot, they won't work instantaneously, it takes a while for the body to adapt. If endo is suspected perhaps there would be something more suitable - (agree with the other ladies re. oestrogen) the consultant can guide you there. As to the thin lining, I have a patchy lining due to endo and concurrent adenomyosis so it doesn't always have to be thick, endo elsewhere can cause a bigger problem.

    The best way you can help your daughter is to give her love, support and an open ear. Address her symptoms and try and get her to see an endometriosis specialist at an endo centre bsge.org.uk/centre/

    If diagnosed make sure her school know about it and provide extra support or things adapted if needs be (extra time for assignments/exams/timetable adaptations/reduction in workload etc).

    Aside from that the only thing you can do is get on with life and try and not let it get either of you down. Once you have it managed things will be a lot better. Xx

    This website has a lot of helpful info, endo diet and acupuncture really helped me.


  • I disagree with AppleBird if endometriosis is treated in the early stages through surgery there's more of a chance of it not spreading or coming back since it can be removed.

    However in the later stages treatment by surgery can be ineffective since not all do it can be removed except with a speacilst who may be hard to find.

  • So young...well, have you tried to integrate the conventional treatment with natural ones, like diet changes, nutritional supplements, exercise, etc. These changes usually helps with the hormones imbalances and the pains. try to check some books about endometriosis. The "endometriosis a key to healing through nutrition" by dian shepperson mills is very complete.

  • We have cut the caffeine out and changing her diet now

  • As someone who has struggled with pelvic pain since starting my periods at age 12, I would say in hindsight that I wish they had found out what was wrong with me 24 years ago. As I would've definitely had surgery as I've been on numerous medications and none have helped.

    It frightens me that they put young girls on such strong medications without trying alternatives first. I was put straight on the pill and Feminax. They were both just treating the symptoms and not the cause.

    I'm glad that they seem to be taking your daughter's pain etc seriously and that they have hopefully found the cause.

    My only advice would be to push them to treat the actual issue and not let them mask it with pills. I am in a worse situation now because of them never treating the initial issue and instead throwing medication at me. Or worse, just shrugging their shoulders and sending me away.

    I wish now that my Mum had tried harder to get me a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

    A huge hug to your daughter. It sucks to have pelvic issues at any age, but as a young girl it is the worst.

    Tash xx

  • Thank you I am being aggressive

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