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left confused after hospital appointment

yesterday i went to see my new gynaecologist, it wasnt great news,

asked me every question under the sun you can imagine and then attempted an internal, to which was impossible i have a posterior cervix which she couldnt find and i had already told her that,she asked if i had the camera test for endo, to which i said no, so she went on to say that i only had suspected endo.

she went to her boss for more advise who came in and asked the same questions. she has then said i have to have another internal scan despite having one not a month ago at a hospital 10 miles away because they cant access it, (i cant tell you how angry this makes me feel) im then going to be started on zoladex for 6 months, i have to keep a diary of the pain and periods over the next 3 months, and be reviewed monthly while im on zoladex, if i am still having pain while im having the treatment then the gynae has said that its unlikely to be endo but adhesions from my previous surgeries.

as you can imagine after being told for the last 9 months i have endo i now dont know if im coming or going, the gynae has said she wont do the camera test as i have had 5 major ops previously 2 of which for my bowels and she will not touch my tummy in case it goes wrong.

im completely frustrated and now have no idea what is wrong with me and just want answers

sorry to rant on and apologies if this doesnt make any sense. xx

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You could ask to see a different specialist ? For a 2nd

Opion just keep bugging them it took over 6 years for

A diagnoses hope everything works out for xxx


hi ive been referred by the gp from another gynae becuase i was told ' i had to live with endo'

i just wish there was an easy answer



You can request another consultant. You will have to keep pushing though otherwise they just brush you off. Hope it works out for you. X


I would be pretty wary of any consultant who dished out hormones but wasnt able to tell me exactly what the diagnosis is. Sounds to me like your consultant is clutching at straws, dishing out treatment and hoping that it will work. You really need to see an endo specialist consultant surgeon rather than a general gynae. I agree with the ladies above that a second opinion.

All very best wishes


Ditto the above !!


thank you, i will speak to my gp as im not entirely happy, more confused than anything and dont know what to do for the best



You don't necessarily need to speak to your gp. If there are more than one consultant @ this hospital then contact their secetaries and say u would like a second opinion as you are not happy to just be started on hormones without a proper consultation. Obviously if u want to move hospitals u may have to speak o ur gp. Hope u manage to sort something out xx


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