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Confused after gynae appointment - need advice

Hi everyone!

I have posted previously about my experiences, so if you want a bit of background please check out my other posts. I am 19 and not diagnosed with endo but have plenty of symptoms relating. My periods are extremely heavy and painful, I take tramadol, co-dydramol, mefenamic acid and solpadol usually for the pain - mainly tramadol as it has proved the most effective but doesn't generally work on its own.

So finally after weeks of waiting I went to my gynae appointment, my first one with a proper gynaecologist. I told her my symptoms (nothing really bowel related) and the medications I was currently on. For some reason she kept darting back to this whole thing being down to issues with my bowels? Especially since I told her I get pain when I'm not bleeding along with when I am.

She did bring endometriosis up but told me that it was unlikely to be endo due to the fact I get bloated when I'm not on my period also and the pain at the other times of the month which apparently doesn't happen with endo?!?! I'm honestly so confused.

She did an internal exam and said it was fine even though it hurt and was sore and recommended me to the GP to get the depo injection. I am so so so disappointed after 6 years of going to the GP and getting prescribed countless different contraceptive pills, to go to a specialist and get prescribed another contraceptive and no investigation into anything.

She did at one point come straight out with 'do you want an operation?' which took me aback a bit because who actually WANTS an operation? I said I didn't know, I'm not a doctor but I did want to know what was wrong with me.

I did ask about endo and the future when maybe it comes to having kids but she said if it is endo, the depo will stop the endo from progressing so it is basically a fix, even though I have no diagnosis.

Am I over-reacting or do I have a right to be upset? I'm going to give the depo a go but I feel stressed especially since my work are demanding to know what is wrong with me and I can't give them an answer (see previous post for more info on that).

I just need advice or experiences :(

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Are you due back to see her again in a couple of months? I keep a visual diary of when my pain was there

/= pain but no meds

X= pain needed meds

And a little tear drop for days I was bleeding

I also, calculated the % of each month I was in pain. Since showing this at my second gyneacologist appointment I am now on the waiting list for a lap to see if j have endo or not. However, the pain got so bad and I couldn't wait any longer having no life, I went on the depo injection about 3 weeks ago and it's helped so much. My GP said that depo wouldn't stop endo from developing, so I'm not too sure who's right and wrong on that one. Maybe you need to get clarification on that one.

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She didn't say anything about me going back to her. She gave me a recommendation to give to my GP for the depo.

Don't get me wrong it would be great if the depo helped but I do want to know what is wrong with me in the first place, it is awful to not know what is going on in your own body :( I did expect some investigation so I do feel disappointed especially since I wasn't told about a follow up appointment or anything similar. If I needed to go back to the gynaecologist would I have to wait another 12 weeks for an appointment?


Ah it might say in the letter. I also received a copy of the letter my gynea sent to my GP, so hopefully you might too.

Yeah, I get that too! I was offered the coil at my last appointment and I said I'd rather know if I have or haven't got it without being on some sort of hormones as if it's not endo then I shouldn't need anything.

I guess that all depends if you've been discharged or you are having a follow up. Could be worth waiting a week/10 days and asking your GP


Hi I would suggest you tell GP to refer you to a BSGE endo centre.

She obviously doesn't know much about endo, as yes you can have pain without being on your period.

Plus you do need to know what is causing your pain so yes you have every right to be upset.

The depot will not stop it progressing but may help control symptoms so this is not a fix.

Search for a lady called Lindle on here and look at her posts on treatment pathways and on how to get a referral.


Hi, your history mirrors mine, endless appointments and advice which isn't right for you. Listen to your own body, it's not right that you are suffering and nobody is listening. Insist on seeing a diff gynae team, it took me 21 yrs to get this far. I made a mistake on my post saying it was Lupron injections, it was prostap. Ask about that route although on personal experience it worked whilst I was having them, it has come back with a vengeance. It's unfortunate that they have to try all avenues first before you find what's right for you, and you have no choice but to go with it to show that you're willing. IBS and endo flare each other up, so if they say it's IBS it's not and don't take that as an answer. It's a long had journey babe, but please keep strong and know there is a solution, it's just a case of getting there. Good luck x

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Hi hunny,

Sorry you have been misled by a so called specialist, but a general gyne is in no way a endometreosis specialist, like Jean said see if your doc will refer to a bsge specialist centre, Depo will not help your endo if that's what you gave it will mostly cover up symptoms, but it can progress whilst on it, and then when you come off it it will all start again, my advice would be, get it sorted asap, you need a diagnosis so a specialist can offer you a plan,

Good luck xx


Get a second opinion if you're not happy. Sorry to hear it was a disappointing experience for you xx


You seem to have amoan mixed bag of good n bad info,I would see your g,p and ask for clarification on what the gynae doc said, our bowels are so close to our women's bits anything bulky could be either dept,


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